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The dressing memo for the 2nd Riverwood Academy Awards red carpet was “Elegant African wear”. But what comes to mind when you read African wear?  What does

Financing. Many film makers don’t have cash to make films. And films require money. Personally I don’t want to do a nil-budget kinda.Compensating your “workers”

There is creation of wealth and opportunities in the film fraternity. The phrase passion and talent is just a portion of the overall input in film making. No passion pays bills. Even r

Back in college, I wrote a paper on Kenyan TV and the audience with the aim of analyzing audience’s perception of local content. The results were depressing – Kenyans don&r

Despite the scarcity of high-end production equipment and structures to support the Kenyan film industry, Riverwood, Kenya’s film industry hub spanning the streets of Tom Mboya,

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