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In a previous article, I asked if Veve will be the movie to finally break the jinx that Nairobi Half Life had place upon Kenya cinema. This I raised owing to the verity that, the dream

He can brag of being credited in at least two out of every five ‘hot’ productions being undertaken in the country by different production houses and he reveals that his rol

He has been in the acting industry for only one year, but his acting resume is one that fellow actors can only admire. For most actors, landing a TV commercial deal, appearing on a bil

“The level of neglect and pathetic maintenance of the theatre and its facilities. The air that now hangs around the compound is ghostly and spooky. The stage was dusty and the li

Anyone who has watched and enjoyed the 2009 Wanuri Kahiu film on terrorism and bomb blast that shook the nation in the year 1999 will definitely catch the drift in this short titled &l

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