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  • Date of Birth: 25th August

  • Email:

  • Height: 5,2

  • Weight: 132 lbs

  • Hometown: Mombasa

  • Location: Nairobi,Kenya

  • Languages: Kikuyu, Swahili, English.

  • Profession: actress

  • Education:

  • Featured Series: Better Days,Changing times,Guy Center,Saints

  • Featured Movies: All Girls Together,Family Betrayal,Unseen Unsung Unforgotten

  • Featured Theatres: Bad Blood,Merry Wives of Windsor,Just the Three of Us

  • Any Other Productions: Malaika,Githaa & Kigezi Ndoto

  • Favourite Actors:

  • Favourite Actress:

  • bestrolesVersatile

  • Hobbies:

  • Awards: Nominee for Best leading actress in the Kalasha TV and Film awards.

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  • Facebook: Fans of Nice Githinji

  • Twitter: @TheNiceG

  • Last Updated: 2011-09-16



To say Nice Githinji doesnt deserve her place in the galaxy of stars in the Kenyan entertainment industry would be a complete untruth!

Nice began her career as a stage actress, first appearing on the Phoenix Players stage in Richard Stockwell’s “Bad Blood”. Following a stellar performance in that show, Nice has evolved into one of the industry’s most active voices and has carved herself a niche as a performer who never leaves her audiences wanting.

From that starting point, Nice has been active on the Kenyan scene as a professional actress, producer, karaoke hostess, vocalist and event organizer for the last eight years, appearing in five television shows, numerous stage productions and six feature length films. The list of credits includes Benta, Guy Centre, William Shakespeare’s “Merry Wives of Windsor”, Formula X, Changing Times, Makutano Junction, Saints, Malaika (which was an original Kenyan musical in 2005), and All Girls Together just to name a few. All the television shows, stage productions and films Nice appears on have aired internationally and have won numerous awards and rave reviews from critics.

Nice has also gained vast experience as a producer, producing and starring in the 2007 production of “All Girls Together”. Nice’s performance earned her a Best Actress nomination at the 2008 Kalasha Awards…

Amazing facts considering Nice is only 26 years old!

Nice is probably one of Kenya’s most driven artists, striving to make the industry bigger and brighter. Nice is a force to be reckoned with,a voice that can not be stopped,an expert actress and a consummate professional.

Nice Githinji...remember the name!

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