Gerald Langiri
October 17 / 2011

Coming Soon: Lies That Bind

Kenyan TV has undergone a revolution with more local content being aired.

While some of the content is lacking in terms of production work and acting skills, we must give praise where it's due: they've tried and diversified. Maybe what we need is a bigger investment in the local productions for sterling quality. You cannot compare the quality for example between Kenyan and South African, or even some Nollywood productions. The West and South are way ahead of Eastern Africa.

That said, there's a new soap series coming soon to Kenyan TV: Lies That Bind.

The tale spans the city of Nairobi, following the story of a Kenyan family that has the usual peculiar Kenyan drama that makes it unique: polygamy, death of the bread winner, wealth, battles that ensue and a family feud that rivals what you've seen depicted on the local news. Forget the Todo del Kirimas saga - this one is bigger and better.

On the production set is TV producer Dorothy Ghettuba, leading a team of new and fresh faces in the acting industry. The choice to cast new faces was deliberate - Kenyans were tired of seeing the same old faces since local TV went commercial.

We had a chat with Dorothy to hear more about this series, and its production:

Why did you cast new faces? Was it a conscious decision?
Casting new faces was a very deliberate and very conscious decision. The last new series I put on air (Medical Drama “SAINTS”) was very well received but the constant question I got was “why are you using the same old faces?”. This as you know, is viewer apathy. So we deliberately cast new faces.

Who are the new faces, and what are they like?
We have Florence Nduta who is a banker by profession. She has always wanted to act and this series is giving her the opportunity to do that.
Irene Ayimba has done the audition circuits and was even one of the contestants on The Presenter, but now she gets to be one of the lead characters in this series. Joseph Thuo is 16 year old student at Aga Khan High School who loves action movies and watching TV and now he gets to be a star in one.
Ruth Maingi an actress, singer, dancer who considers herself a jack of all trades, gets to be a master of one in her exciting role as Salome on Lies That Bind.
Tom Onsongo is also a face we will be seeing on screen that we dont often see, as well as Justin Muchii.

What does the show aim to portray?
Lies That Bind tells the story of Kenyans set in Kenya but is purposed because it carries conscious messages that are extremely relevant (and timely) to the society of Kenya today. Lies That Bind has drama, intrigue, love and suspense. It however serves as societys mirror and it teaches its viewers to reflect on our status quo as a people. It is a show created by, written by and produced by Kenyans. That is something.

Is there a moral in the story?
The overarching moral in the story is there are consequences for all our choices, actions and even inactions. Lies That Bind is about the ripple effects of the choices of one man and how it impacts his entire family upon his death.

What is production in Kenya like? What are the challenges faced?
Production in Kenya is most certainly not for the faint hearted. One has to develop a thick skin because it is a pretty difficult job. It is however about teamwork, you have a great team then you are good to go. I think the Kenyan Film and Television industry is on the tipping point and we are about to take off. This means more employment opportunities for very many people who want careers in the creative performance sector. We have challenges, yes, and they are mostly financial. What I have learnt to do is to work with what I have. Produce efficiently and at cost, stretch the shilling so to speak; basically, “make it work”.

On the other hand, what are the advantages of producing shows in Kenya?
The fact that it is a relatively young industry means there is so much that can be done. You just have to be audacious and tenacious. There is also a lot of support for local content by viewers, which is the very fuel producers need to soldier on.

When should we expect Lies that Bind to air?
Soon! On KTN.

So make sure you stay tuned to KTN to catch this new series. Let us know what you think about it!

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Source: Vibeweekly

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