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  • Posted On: 2011-10-14 00:00:00

Two male associates are sitting on a table in a restaurant. Three ladies in their late 20s join their table as the place was comparatively full. They share initial pleasantries and glances. The men, let us call them Tom and Jerry, were talking about women like most men do. One of the ladies heard their conversation and smiles when Jerry said “I would like to start my own Porn company in Kenya!” .Noticing the beam, Jerry sees an opportunity to ask the ladies the ultimate ice breaker “How much would you want to get paid to act in an adult movie? “ The answers from the three random ladies were unbelievable and actually, made Jerry, who is a film maker in Kenya, think hard about venturing into the porn industry especially since, for as little as ksh 50,000 per head ,for a 30min porn scene, Jerry already had his actresses. The profits he will make after that will surely surpass his investment.

This is not a cooked up story as I was the one playing Tom in that scenario. Porn, an industry that brings in billions of dollars for some countries where it is legal. While, porn actors being one of the richest people on the planet. I did my research to find out how big porn really is and came across words like “There is no business like porn business”, “Pornography is big business”, “Pornography is bigger than any of the major league sports” Perhaps bigger than Hollywood” and my favorite “Porn is "no longer a sideshow to the is the mainstream!”

Coming closer home, we have seen naked pictures of public figures circulate around the internet and cause major stirs. Some were just glimpses of a person jumping over a fence and her hullabaloo was captured on camera on a day she decided to go commando. Some ask what the big deal is ,but whether we want to admit it or not, we are sexual creatures and someone knows by posting naked pictures of someone else, it will definitely cause a stir. What someone needs to do is to capitalize on that as we are sitting on a gold mine.

porn industry sitting on a gold mine2

Yes, prostitution is illegal in Kenya and so is porn but walk around the streets in the middle of the night and the line up of commercial sex workers (CSW) is on the increase. I asked one CSW how much income she takes home in a month and her response was “kama kazi ni nzuri sana, natengeneza kitu kama thao 100 na kama kumekauka sana kitu kama thao 30.Sasa wewe unataka kutoa ngapi?” Plus, pornography being illegal does not stop those tribal porn movies that are cheaply available on river road from being sold. You can actually get kikuyu, kamba and other locally made porn movies suited for your tribe for only ksh 50. There is someone right now banking on thousands of shilling through a site called The site claims to be Kenyan and has Kenyans actors in it. There are groups on facebook like one called +254 bi and lesbians and you will come across pictures of our own local Kenyan girls kissing and showing of their naked bodies. Most people wonder why we are so westernized when it comes to watching movies and soap operas for example. The answer is really simple, the missing ingredient in our local programs are those romantic scenes and those 2 minutes of love making scenes that make you think Denzel and Brad Pitt are gods. Our programs on the other hand, do not have romantic scenes at all or when the supposed boyfriend and girlfriend want to kiss, the scene fades out.

porn industry sitting on a gold mine2

Someone should capitalize on this and put up controlled measures to make the trade more civil and actually create employment for the many young men and women out there instead of the current situation where it is below the radar and the risks are abundant. Talk about abortions, STI and the killer disease AIDS. It is not that we cannot get actors either. For ksh 100,000 a month, I am sure we can get men and women who are ready and willing to pose nude and act a romantic scene or even actually make porn movie that can return millions of shilling.Viewership will be in plenty as well. Whether we deny it or not the statistics of the number of people watching porn is staggering.

The legality of the issue is of course one thing to deal with and maybe this is not something we are ready yet for. After all, Kenyans are pretty much conservative people under a microscope and when people are watching, we are all jolly good people who are morally upright. Behind closed doors, what we do is something we all ponder about.

Bottom line is, we are sitting on a gold mine and it is only a matter of time before someone ponyokas na mamillion with your body. And I mean millions. USA makes an average of 10 billion dollars a year on porn and an amateur porn actor makes an average of $250,000+ a year. That is money that I would gladly have doing something I also love. Of course no one will watch the porn I make but for those sexy men and women out there, how much money are we sleeping on?

Written by Gerald Langiri

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