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Never has a play started with a bang before and ended with a man banging six women other than the Kenyan Play boy. You hear the words playboy and Kenyan put together into one sentence and you expect nothing else than the secrets behind the Kenyan mans mind. And that is exactly what the audience, expectant of the same story, received in this sold out hilarious comedy by Heartstring Kenya directed by Sammy Mwangi & Victor Ber.

Kenyan playboy

See, the thing is ladies, Men are sexual beings and we were born that way. When a man says hi and approaches a woman, he wants to have sex with her. When a man invites a woman for lunch or dinner, he wants to eat before having sex with her. Many women like to say how they love having male friends, Please; a man cannot be your friend. It is just a matter of time before he sleeps with you. That is all we want. The world would be a more peaceful place if women could understand this and if we could just sleep with each other. Men and pornography, anything that is sex related, it is not a matter of being a play boy…just never come between a man and his stack of porn. You do not have to have a Mercedes Benz to qualify as a playboy. As a matter of fact, the real play boys are the people who ride on border borders and the shamba boys. Why? Because you are busy making so much money to sustain that range rover sport or Mercedes Benz meanwhile, there is somebody else benefiting from your money.

In the play we are met by six men out on a quest to be..Well men. They meet in a dark alley outside a nearby hostel where, they were all in pretences of waiting for their daughters, sisters nieces and aunts when in actual sense, they were all waiting for women!. And not their women for that matter..ok fine, lets call them whores because describing them in any other way might paint a bad picture! After the common fact as to why they were there was aired out, they start discussing the best campuses in town where they can get good . . .damn it...whores! *mental note to self. I need to find a better name to use*

Kenyan playboy

The six men became instant friends and embarked on a journey that saw the audience being taken through the harsh realities of who men really are and what women can become when around Kenyan playboys. For instance let us take a closer look at Reuben (played by Humphrey Maina), an average looking married lad but one that philanders around and even slept with the hot house maid and eventually got her pregnant right under the wife’s nose. The wife on the other hand, attractive lady who gave Reuben a kid and seven years later, the have never had sex yet they sleep in the same house. Why? well she is too busy running up and down looking after biashara with no time for the husband. The maid on the other hand knows Reuben all so well including which under garments of his are torn and which ones do not stick to his balls. (Well, I used whore, so I might as well). Reuben tired of the situation with the wife, decides to go out and do something about it and he started with printing posters reading “WIFE WANTED, terms and conditions apply”.

Kenyan playboy

His boys see the state Reuben is in and decide to intervene with the boy talk which usually leads to getting laid outside. They therefore decide to hold a wife contest of sorts. They would hold audition for the role of Reuben’s wife. Indeed, we meet the rich but unavailable women. The Beautiful but dumb woman. The out rightly Hell to the no I will not sleep with you even if you paid me type. Then in comes your favorite girl, the one who will ride or die with you but will also beat your manly behind while at it. A daunting task to find a woman worth marrying isn’t it?

The auditions were cut short when Reuben’s wife shows and the women turn the tables around for the men. Men, peace of advice, there is a difference between kissing and biting, please stop mouth abuse, we are hurting our women.

The boys after being bashed decide to take a vacation to the coast. Boys being boys chat about this and that (it is never gossip when men talk) well women mostly. This is where the story takes a twist and as soon as the boys return home, we are given a scene where Reuben is surrounded by six women (the pregnant hot maid and wife included). From looking for a wife to finding wives! How much better can a mans life get? lol

The following is the cast that left the audiences in stitches in no particular order:
Wilfred Maina Olwenya (played Zadok), Humphrey Maina (Reuben),Dennis Ochieng (Ndenga),Larry Asego (Narrator), Esther Kahuha (Wainos),Paul Ogola (festus),Allan Weku (Dominic), Nancy Shiku (shiks), Sharon Meto ( Shaz), Carol Wanjiru(Caro),Marion Wambui(Marion), Caroline Tharau ( Wikky),Tash Mitambo (Jeroboam), Becky Genga, Joseph Macharia, Antony Ndungu (Tosh), Triz Kabue (trish),Joseph Babu(Babu), Paul Ogutu (Hezekiah) and Joseph Nderity as himself.

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Written by: Gerald Langiri

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