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Felix Warutere is an actor, scriptwriter, comedian and spoken word artiste whose goal is to positively motivate and impact the young generation in society. He started acting in primary school, providing the entertainment during school events. He joined Drama Club in high school, performing the winning narrative Our School Bus at the 2010 National Drama Festivals. Warutere later performed it to then President Mwai Kibaki at State House.

We caught up with Felix in this one on one interview to get to know a little bit more about him;

How did you feel after winning the Kalasha?

Well, I felt like I had finally graduated to the next level as the best lead actor and the recognition was quite a blessing. It’s was a dream come true. Thanks to God.

Is this your 1st award?

Yes and I believe it’s a big start and I am expecting more to come. I am actually pushing for the AMVCA’s, hoping all goes well.

At what age did you start acting?

I started acting long ago when I was in primary school, I am glad I studied in a school that really built my acting talent and gave me the opportunity to follow it.     Later on in Muranga high school, I also did stage acting.

What does acting mean to you?

 It is a form of expression that I use to communicate to the world.

What was your very first TV acting role?

I was cast as an extra in a local tv drama and I was just passing by. Later I told people I was on Tv so they better tune in. They however used the close up of the main actor of that scene and I therefore went unnoticed…but I knew.

Did you ever come across any challenges during your stint as a prankster in Naswa?

  Yes. I was once slapped while performing a prank. It was not funny, trust me.

You got the chance to perform before the retired president Kibaki at state house in 2010. What was the experience like?

 I was in high school and I won’t lie, I felt like am on top of the world. Eish! Preforming in front of the president of the republic of Kenya, that’s making it in life. But you know, I was just young.

How’s is the Kenyan comedy scene and do you still perform standup comedy? 

The comedy scene has enjoyed tremendous success and I see new comedians popping in the scene each and every day which is a good challenge. I still do perform standup comedy especially when I am emceeing corporate events among others.

Felix Warutere

So when are we seeing your standup comedy special?

 Soon. I did a show at IMAX early this year; it was great and now planning to do another one next year.

Standup comedy or acting?

 Both. Though I am looking for a manager to manage Skeletronixx (my brand stage name) since maintaining the brands will be very Key. Warutere Felix is an actor but skeletronixx is the standup comedy aspect. Actually everyone refers to me as skele.

What projects are you working on?

 Currently I am the creative director at Fine cinema production. We are working on several projects including a feature film with the Kiambu and muranga county government; I won’t talk much about it, also a short film about cancer awareness among others.

Do you have a favorite quote or one that is always on your mind?

“If it’s up to be it’s up to me”. Most guys we were in high school can relate together. It’s a very powerful quote and made several guys land nice grades.

Who is your inspiration?

Will smith. He opted to follow acting than an engineering course in MIt.

Are producers paying the actors well enough?

 Some pay, others never pay while others pay really well. But when you graduate to a producer you get to understand all these challenges.

Do you pay your actors?

 Yes I do, I have passed through challenges and that’s what I am working towards. I look forward to an industry where an actor lives by acting only. Like 100% acting. Few Kenyan actors do that.

What are some of the changes you wish could happen in our local film industry?

Producers should invest in quality in whatever projects they are doing. For instance, at Fine Cinema we agreed to take it to the next level and invested in 4k cameras and all the projects we undertake we shoot in 4k. Since it will give the project a longer shelf life and enjoy sales abroad.

What would you advice your fellow actors?

Take a day at a time, make progress, meet people, link up and never get tired of your craft.

Finally, what drives you? Passion.


The End