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The 9th FilmAid Film Festival (FAFF) is now open and filmmakers around the world are welcome to submit entries under the theme “ Home Away from Home.” Held annually in Kenya, FAFF strives to fulfill FilmAid’s vision of informing, inspiring and empowering refugees and other marginalized populations throughout the world. FAFF gives independent filmmakers worldwide the opportunity to share stories with refugee in the Kenyan camps, allowing for two-way artistic communication.

The films should focus on issues about refugees and displacement or be films that have been made by refugees or those that have been displaced from their homes.  The theme, “Home Away from Home,” gives filmmakers worldwide the opportunity to interpret and share their own stories about what “home” means to them.

The 2015 FilmAid Film Festivals will run on the 14th of September in Dadaab, 14th of September in Kakuma and the 21st of September in Nairobi.

Call for Submissions:

FilmAid presents our 9th Annual FilmAid Film Festival, with the theme of "Home Away from Home", selected by our FilmAid-trained refugee filmmakers. So, we're asking you to submit a short film answering this question: What does "home" mean to you? Is it a place, a person, a feeling…or something else? 

We're not just looking for stories from the refugee sphere. "Home" can be the place you grew up, your relationship with your mother, or an intangible sense of belonging. If you have any places, relationships, or emotions in your short film that describe the meaning of "home" to you - send them in. We'd love to see your "Home Away from Home".

The selected films will be shown in the refugee camps where FilmAid works in Kenya, subject to approval from the Advisory Committees for each camp, which are made up of a diverse group of refugee community leaders, including women and youth.


A) Guidelines

1. Films must be completed on or after August 2015.

2. Films previously submitted to the FilmAid Film Festival are NOT eligible.

3. Films must be submitted on DVD. Do not send film prints, master tapes, or other originals.

4. Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority to submit the entry into the Festival and to use all music, images, and content in the entry. 

5. Entrant will allow usage of clips from the film for promotional use on television, radio, in print, and at live Festival events.

6. All entries must be either in English or subtitled in English. Non-English entries submitted without subtitles are not eligible.

7. Works in Progress: will be accepted, however, subsequent cuts or replacement copies will only be accepted at the request of the programming committee.

8. Only complete entries will be processed.

9. Please submit a typed or clearly printed entry form or a copy of the online form receipt along with the submission.

10. Students must include proof of student status at the time of production (i.e., copy of student ID, transcript, etc.)

B) Deadlines

Deadline for submission is 14th August 2015. Filmmakers will be notified of their acceptance status by August 31st 2015. Entry is free. 

The Festival is not obliged to offer comments or reasons for not selecting a film submitted for one of Festival's programmes.

C) Shipping/Postage

You can mail all your application materials to this address:

FilmAid Kenya,

3 Riara Mansions,

P.O Box 21751 -00505 | Nairobi, Kenya

All submissions, documentation materials and films on DVD must be sent fully pre-paid to the address as indicated on the entry form.

The Festival is not obliged to offer comments or reasons for not selecting a film submitted for one of Festival's programmes.

D) Judging & Selection

If a film is selected for screening, the Festival office will contact the entrant by phone or email.

All successful entrants will be notified on or before 31st August 2015.

For publication purposes, entries selected will be required to supply at least one high-resolution photograph of the film's director/producer.

E) Entry is Free

F) Categories (select one)

1.Narrative (Maximum 45 minutes)

2. Documentary (Maximum 30 minutes)

3. Short Subject  (Under 40 minutes)

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