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It has been a very sad 2014 for the acting fraternity after the loss of many great actors; Elizabeth Aruwa, Joseph Olita, Nancy Nyambura aka Jastorina, Derrick Amunga aka Master Sugu,  Derrick Omfwoko Aswani Arafat and those are just the ones we got wind of.

A wise man however once said that, change and death is the one thing constant in our lives and therefore we should embrace it.  It still doesn’t make the pain of losing someone you love any less painful.

We have more sad news as we report the death of Cele Mushikina Muyima. The avid viewer of the K24 classroom sitcom Gumbaru Skool, will definitely recognize him as Bakongo Cele. 

Born 28th August 1978 in Kinshasa, Congo, Cele came to Kenya as a Musician performing alongside popular Lingala Congolese artist, Defao.

Cele’s main profession was being a musician more than he was an actor,having worked with several Congolese Bands in Nairobi and its environs. His band occasionally performed at Egesa and Vibro Club.

Bakongo Cele

His journey into the acting world started when he heard of the Gumbaru Skool auditions which he attended.  Colleagues say he could hardly speak because of his shy nature. His acting skill were not up to par and was to be dismissed by the judges, however, he used his God given talent and sung one of his tunes which impressed the judges and was accorded the role of the” singing lover-boy” in the show.

One memorable performance in his short stint as an actor on Gumbaru skool was when he sang the song “Baninga ya Mboka” to try and woo Kanini. His colleagues say Cele grew in confidence and got to know his character very well.

Cele passed away on the 1st of October 2014 at St. Mary's Hospital after being diagnosed with Diabetes and was undergoing treatment.

He is expected to be buried on Thursday 9th October 2014 at langata cemetery.

The producer of Gumbaru Skool, Eunice Kirigo Gatonye, in a Facebook status update had this to say “I lost two friends Cele Muyima and Omfwoko Aswani one an actor the other a director I haven't hurt like this in so long and all I have left is memories of time spent together on set and their works of art that will be a constant reminder of their existence and input in our industry. It's indeed painful to bury a friend. When Bakongo Cele passed on it was so sudden I still can't comprehend it I still see myself calling him to come pick scripts for the next shoot It's now been a week and we are caught up between a rock and a hard place. See Cele Muyima was Congolese and his family just buried his sister 2months ago so they don't have the ability to fly his body to DRC it has now been left upon his Gumbaru family to lay him to rest.”

There will be a harambee and memorial at the Kenya National Theater on Tuesday 7th October  at 4.30pm conducted by fellow artists and friends. Please plan to attend as plans are made to lay this fellow artist to rest. For more info, you can call Joel Otuko on 0722999803 or Mojes on 0728179583.

Watch Bakongo in action below:

May the fallen soldies we have lost ...Rest in Peace.

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