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The 35th Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) will be taking place on 17th to 27th July 2014 at the city of Durban (kwazulu-natal province) South Africa and Kenyan Films Veve and Deceit will be representing Kenya in this annual prestigious festival.  For those 10 days, Durban will be transformed into a celluloid jungle, teeming with film screenings at 9 wild venues around the city.

Durban International Film Festival official Selections

The Durban international film festival is one of the oldest and largest film festival in Southern Africa and presents over 200 screenings celebrating the best in South African, African and international cinema. Most of the screenings are either African or South African premieres.

About the Kenyan Films:

Deceit (short Film – run time 11min)

Deceit is a suspense-thriller centered on infidelity in the relationship of Ted (Peter Kawa) and his wife Sheila (Lizz Njagah). Tension rises when Sheila’s lover; Ben (Mark Kaiyare) enters the picture. What follows is an unexpected ending that’s both inventive and bittersweet.


The film is written by Mark Kaiyare & Mark Wambui and creatively directed Mark Wambui.

Early this year, the film received a nomination at the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria. With the films cutting edge twist and suspense, it has received good reviews from critics and is the only short film selection from East Africa to be screened at the 35th Durban International Film Festival.

The film is courtesy of Evolve Entertainment & Chromatic Pictures Africa and was produced by Simon Chege & Mark Kaiyare who are only 22 years of age proving that the Kenyan Film industry is bright.

You can watch the film below: >>

Veve (Full feature -  run time: 90min)

Veve is the latest film from the producers of the award-winning crime drama Nairobi Half Life. Set in Kenya, it documents the double-crossing lives of those trading in khat or ‘veve’, a mildly narcotic crop grown in the Meru region of the country. The film stars famous Kenyan actress Lizz Njagah as the lonely wife of corrupt politician Amos, whose attempts to edge a competitor out of the khat business for his own greed-fuelled gains force his wife to find solace in the arms of the local bad-boy, not knowing that her new lover is intent on destroying her husband.


Actor and model Emo Rugene(left) and Conrad Makeni part of the cast of Veve.

Veve screening at DIFF will mark its 1st public screening. A Kenyan premier is set to take place sometime in August/September.

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