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Conceptualized in 2009, Kalasha film and television awards are back with us and are now in its 5th Edition. After taking a one year break in 2013 due to restructuring and logistical issues, the nominees of this year’s Kalasha were announced at Imax Cinema on 10thJune 2014.

The Kalasha awards have been designed to allow Kenyans to celebrate their cultural diversity through film and to recognize the role of film in economic sustainability. Specifically, the awards seek to motivate local producers towards quality film and TV productions. The event is organized by Kenya Film Commission, whose mandate is to develop and promote the local film industry.

The award ceremony will be on 19th of July 2014 at the National Museums of Kenya.

Eston Munyi, the chairman of this year’s nomination academy introduced the nomination team that spared their time to view 713 entries and submissions (Highest so far) and hereby bring you the following 30 categories and nominees:


1. Best Feature Film

- Strenght of a woman

- House of Lungula

- Ni Sisi

- Women we marry

- Something Necessary

2. Best short film


-Simiyu samurai 2

- Marshal of finland

- Burnt forest

- Painful prick

3. Best Scriptwriter in Original screenplay

- Strenght of a woman

- Simiyu Samurai 2

- Painfull prick

- House of Lungula

- The marshal of finland

- Guilt of Kindness

4. Best Director of Photograph

- Burnt Forest
- House of Lungula
- Kenji
- My Faith
- Strength of a Woman
- Tamedy

5. Best Sound Mixing

-House of Lungula
-Ni Sisi
-Something Necessary  
-Strength of a Woman
-Women we Marry

6. Best Editing

-The Marshall of Finland
-House of Lungula
-My Faith
-Ni Sisi
-Simiyu Samurai 2
-Strength of a Woman

7. Best Lighting

-Simiyu Samurai 2
-House of Lungula
-Ni Sisi
-Strength of a Woman

8. Best Art Direction

-Strength of a Woman
-Burnt Forest
-House of Lungula
-Marshall of Finland
-Something Necessary

9. Best Special Effects

-Burnt Forest
-Bury my bones (Kangubiri Girls.H.School)
-Haja Ndogo
-Simiyu Samurai 2
-The Messenger(Rwathia Girls.H.School)

10. Best Original Score
-House of Lungula
-Niko na Genge
-Something Necessary
-Strength of a Woman
-Women we Marry

11.Best Documentary
-Beyond Limits
-Corpse and Robbers for real
-Silent Killer
-The Kareems (A Sporting Dynasty)

12.Best Local Language Film
-Ithe wa Mwana
-Niko na Genge
-Something Necessary

13. Best Diaspora Production

-Haunted Souls
-Love and Deceit
-My Two Sisters
-The Route

14. Best Mobile Film? Nairobi in motion

-Ghost Town
-Describe Nairobi
-Nairobi in motion

15. Best High School Feature
-The Messenger
-Bury my bones but keep my words
-Lone Ranger
-Time to cry

16. Best Animation
-Faiba Caveman series
-Safaricom Vuma Online
-The Athlete

17. Best Lead Actor
-Gerald Langiri (House of Lungula)
-Maooru Njogu (Tamed)
-Peter King Mwania (Ni Sisi)
-Ryan Mbatia (Simiyu Samurai 2)
-Telly Savalas (The Marshall of Finland)
-Maina Olwenya (Painful Prick)

18. Best Supporting Actor
-Claude Judah(Distant Boat)
-Gilbert Lukalia (The Marshall of Finland)
-Ken Edwin Okwako (Poisonous Tears)

19. Best Actress
-Cindy Kahura (Burnt Forest)
-Edna Daisy (Chastity)
-Jackie Vike (Ni Sisi)
-Nicole Kwamboka (Maya)
-Rose Njoroge (Strength of a Woman)

20. Best Supporting Actress

-Faith Kamunya (Outcast)
-Esther Wanjiru (Guilt of Kindness)
-Jacky Kaboi (Tamed)
-Sarah Hassan (House of Lungula)
-Tracy Njogu Kajuju (Lone Ranger)


1. Best TV Drama

-Groove Theory
-Sumu la Penzi

2. Best TV Show

-Driv3 TV
-Property Show
-Taj Talk Show
-Tales from the Bush Larder? Kampala

3. Best TV Documentary

-Care and Delight
-From here to Timbuktu (Ethiopia)
-From here to Timbuktu (Lamu)
-Shamba Shape Up

4. Best Stand Up Comedy

-Churchill Show
-Churchill Raw
-Vioja Mahakamani

5. Best Performance in a comedy

-Jasper Muthomi (Churchill Raw)
-Steven Opondo (Classmates)
-Nancy Nyambura (Jastorina/Mashtaka)

6. Best Host in a TV Show

-Kiran Jethwa: Tales from the Bush Larder
-Marie Rose: Taj Talk Show
-Nancy Muthoni: The Property Show
-Silalei Owuor &Davidson Ngibuini: Baqe
-Naomi Kamau &Tony Njuguna: Shamba Shape Up

7. Best Lead Actor in a TV Drama

-Pascal Ipesinoi (Groove Theory)
-George Mbuto (Beba Beba)
-Samuel Kaguora (Maisha Bure)
-Hillary Mwangi (Jastorina)
-Peter Gathambo (Gumbaru Skool)

8. Best Supporting Actor in a TV Drama

-Oreal Nyanje (Saida)
-Peter King Mwania (Groove Theory)
-Gerald Langiri (Stay)
-Fidel Lwayo (Saida)
-Makbul Mohammed (Lies that bind)

9. Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama

-Janet Mbunga (Housemates)
-Nancy Nyambura (Jastorina)
-Victoria Muthigi (Saida)
-Patricia Kihoro (Groove Theory)
-Mkamze Mwatela (Mali)
-Ruth Maingi (Mama Duka)

10.Best Supporting Actress in a TV Drama

-Ruth Wacuka (Housemates)
- Amalie Chopetta (Saida)
- Nancy Karanja (Beba Beba)
- Amina Abdi (Maisha Bure)

Congratulations to all the 2014 Kalasha Nominees.

Voting commences on 10th June to 11th July 2014.

 The votable categories are : Best feature film, Best Short film, Best documentary, Best actor in a film, Best Actress in a film, Best TV show, best host in a TV show, Best TV drama, Best TV comedy, Best Actor in a TV drama, Best Actress in a tv drama.

Voting is done online by clicking here - VOTE NOW.

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