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Mark Maingi, director of the film Too Late, will be launching his latest film Consigned to Oblivion in July at the Alliance Francaise. The film is a neo-noir psychological thriller film from the budding filmmaker who has placed himself as one of the frontrunners of this movie genre in Kenya.

In his latest short film, Consigned to Oblivion, we are introduced to Julie (played by Faith Kibathi), a young woman suffering from ante-retrograde amnesia. She wakes up in an unknown hotel room with a dead body in the bathroom. She has two hours to find out what happened and whose body lying lifeless in the bathroom is. The film plays out in a mysterious retrospective storyline that seeks to unravel what Julie’s memory fails to patch together.

The film also stars Kevin Mugo, Vincent Masore (who also featured in Mark’s previous production Too Late) as the main character stars in this thrilling film.

Consigned to Oblivion was conceptualized in April 2013. Written by Mark Maina and six of his former classmates at the Youth Film Platform including Rachel Wainaina, James Nganga, Marvin Kariuki it could be perhaps a game changing thriller in kenya’s film industy despite the limited budgets they had which was mainly sourced from friends and family.

Check out the trailer of the film below:

About Youth Film Platform

The Youth Film Platform is an initiative that was started in February 2011 in Kenya with the aim of equipping the youth with practical and professional skills in Multimedia.

These skills would then be used for artistic and social self-expression and income generation.
The project started by recruiting 36 underprivileged students who showed interest in multimedia. They were taken through a six months free course in independent film making and they graduated on 19th Nov 2011.

Youth film platform project continues to teach practical skills with the aim of improving the African film industry.

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Article By Sam Kiranga

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