Gerald Langiri
September 22 / 2011

After seeing Valentine ya Njarambas preview, laughing senseless and pondering in anticipation for the movies release,I had to contact the writer and director,Vincent Mbaya to give me an inside scoop on the movie and he was more than willing to do so.

One question I asked, what is the movie about and why is it in Kikuyu?, gave me the answer below:

“After being left by his girlfriend, Njaramba, an out of work matatu driver finds work at a construction. Lady luck seems to smile on him as he wins two tickets to go to Mombasa over valentine. He is scheduled to have an interview with his girlfriend in order to be presented with the tickets on air. Problem, he has none as the old one wants nothing to do with him. His friend Solo has a plan, interview girls then he can choose one. Other problem, Solo is not one to be relied upon. What follows is a rib tickling farce as they set out to solve the problem.

Valentine ya njaramba

The film was written by I(Vincent Mbaya), Emily Wanja and David ‘Kabash’ Kinyanjui as the first of a series of films based on the Njaramba character, a character inspired by a real life friend. Valentine ya Njaramba is a labour of love between the writers, cinematographer Jim Bishop and a friend of theirs who is a believer in the film industry and put in some money to cater for food, transport, phone, office and other expenses.

Valentine ya njaramba

It is directed by I (Vincent Mbaya), dp Jim ‘kinyua’ Bishop, sound David ‘Kabash’ Kinyanjui, edited byEmily Wanja. It stars actor Sam Kihiu and introduces a very talented first timer AB Ndichu who is a DJ.

The reason for having it in kikuyu is because of the character that inspired it, secondly, a feel of authenticity in language, thirdly for commercial reasons. We figured if a film like slumdog millionaire which was partly in Hindi could do so well, then a broader market is not far off. The film is subtitled though.

The film is slated to be released in October 2011. Hope you will enjoy it.”

Since I was assured the movie will be subtitled, I am more than eager to watch the full movie, otherwise the skeptic side of me would be asking, are we not drawing tribal lines when making tribal centric movies? Then again we still have the unanswered question of the gay film. So, put you open mind cap on and wait for this, our own comedy Valentine Ya Njaramba to be released.

Oh No, just remembered I forgot to ask where the movie will be featured on.

Catch a preview of the movie below and please do leave your comment

Shovelled by Gerald Langiri.

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