Gerald Langiri
September 21 / 2011

Majority of us share the opinion that our industry is growing.Some still believe we are doomed and our forsaken industry can only go as far as river wood. (who gave us that name?).With good reason of course but many opt to sit silent ,instead of telling us the misfortunes that beckon us.

However, taking a look at this year’s Kalasha nominees and comparing the list to last years, one can pretty much see the graph remaining at the same stagnant position. The same nominees are pretty much the same this time round as they were last year and pretty much the same faces we saw last year. Jitu Films nominated for 15 awards followed by Cinematic Solutions 10. No hate to other production houses but c’mon, where is the competition here?

While on the subject matter, I think it is high time Kenya Film Commission and Kalasha changed the percentage given to the public when it comes to the voting. 10% really does not cut it if 90% has already been decided for.I think 40% should be given to the public. This might help in synthesizing the shows we are to vote for and thus create a competitive atmosphere for the nominees. Currently, we make movies, wait for them to get nominated, if I have 90%, whether the public votes or not, I have won! This alienates the public and it is evident in the empty chairs that were witnessed in the screening of the Kalasha films. I thought Kenyans liked free stuff, maybe not so much for our movies and films! Furthermore, it might create a competitive culture for our actors to market themselves. Any business man knows the importance of advertisement and marketing in order to get sales. Acting is or rather should be viewed as a business as well,by the actors. After all, we do get our daily bread from it. So instead of actors getting comfortable and basking in the limelight, they should constantly touch base with their fans and thus create the star power that our actors deserve, as someone once put it.

Should the public be given more voting %s than the current 10%?

Anyway, enough of my rant.Now that public voting has ended, below is the list of nominees that I THINK will win this years Kalasha Awards.
PS: This is my opinion and does not reflect that of KFC or Kalasha. I apologize in advance if any ones toes will be stepped on it is not my intention (funny how people always say that after they have hurt you) :)

1. Best Feature-Stiff competition in this group and all the best to the winner. I am sure the judges will have a tough time deciding this. I however believe Muigwithania and Rugged Priest stand out but since there will only be one winner, Muigwithania did it for me; Script well written and executed with the actors well chosen. Whilst Rugged Priest had the same characteristics, I think Muigwithania topped it by the picture quality and sound and above all, the suspense it had. Both were films based on true stories but I guess rugged priest story had a bit of a cliche to it.

2. Best Short Film- I watched Maisha twice and still did not understand how it got nominated. Perhaps for its phenominal graphics and sound!Yet, for some weird reason, it was not nominated in that group either. Me, My wife and her Guru, great cast, interesting story but frankly, I was a bit disappointed at this Film.Maybe it was the star studded cast that made my expectation so high then got disappointed or maybe it was too short a film for such a story or maybe maybe maybe sigh!Anyway, it will not go down as the first film in history to have a very good cast but the film/movie ends up... Individually, the actors performances were great but the whole movie errr.
Madam Chief on the other hand, kept me glued from start to end smiling and laughing where I could and getting angry where I should. So without a doubt, it should win. Then again, I am not the judge, we will have to wait and find out.

PS: I will now stop explaining myself why I have chosen the respective winners unless necessary, otherwise this article will last longer than the Kalasha awards Ceremony being charged at KSH 3000. (Clearly the common mwananchi is not welcomed for this event) .

3. Best Documentary-Banana Biogas Department of Film Service.

4. Best Sound- Balu Saluja-Muigwithania

5. Best Cinematography-Dharam Gulati-Muigwithania

6. Best Original Score-I am not one to judge in this group as I admit that I have not watched Nina Ogot;s Issa but since I have watched the other two and we are talking about Originality here, I will go with Jack Okore-my constitution:Specific Application to rights by Medeva

7. Best Editing: The clearly fake guns in Muigwithania did not do that film justice and thus the editing lacked in that aspect. I therefore would go with the Rugged priest.

8. Best Script Writer in an original screenplay: Mark Mutahi & Bob Nyanja-The rugged priest.

9. Best Director-Amit Tyagi- Muigwithania

10. Best lead actor-I have to get a bit biased here and go with Ian Mbugua even if the movie did not jingle my bells as much but like I had said, their individual performances were good.

11. Best Lead actress: again, being biased, I will go with Liz Njagah even though Serah Ndanus performance in the rugged priest was really good as well.I however voted for both but with my vote contributing for only 10%, we will have to hear what the judges have to say.

12. Best Supporting Actor-Lwanda Jawar-rugged priest

13. Best Supporting actress- Prachi Savani-Muigwithania

14. Best Animation production-Tinga Tinga tales

15. Best Student Feature-it does not really matter who wins here, I mean, both features are from the same institution.

16. Best Student Documentary-I did not watch any so cannot say. But let us pull a 50-50 toss coin-spinning-the shadow of addiction

17. Best lead actor in a TV drama-Gilbert Lukalia

18. Best lead actress in a TV drama-Nice Githinji

19. Best Supporting actor in a TV drama-Kevin Mbithi

20. Best Supporting actress in a TV drama-Brenda Wairimu

21. Best TV drama-Siri

22. Best Perfomance in a comedy-Eric Omondi. Abit unfair to the other actors and frankly Churchill should fall under talks shows as much as it is a funny talk show.

23. Best talk show-Capital Talk 24.

24. Best TV documentary-will not judge this one as I have never watched any of the shows but a quick picky picky ponky and my father had a donkey and told me this is how to become a man-Montage media services.

25. Best TV comedy-where is Churchill here if Eric Omondi was nominated for best performance in a comedy?Papa Shirandula and crew deserve this one though

26. Best TV entertainment-Churchill Live

Sigh!Now we just have to wait and see how wrong or right I will be. If I get a 20 out 26 I am changing my career to become psychic!

View the Full list of Nominees here

Your comments are welcomed below.

Predicted By Gerald Langiri

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