Gerald Langiri
February 26 / 2014

Somebody once said you have to die to resurrect. Dust yourself, dress the part and act on new directions if the old ones are not working. Get fresh ideas and fuel up your dream. Redefine yourself so to speak. Opportunities are there every day of our lives to do better but for some reason, we hinder ourselves from success. Here are 5 very useful pointers on how you can get yourself back on track.

So go ahead and dare to;

1. Dream

If you are not a dreamer, you are not an actor. It’s as simple as that. Dreaming is the very essence of our lives and career. It’s what gives actions direction because you are fired up to move towards your dream. It creates your path and it is in this path that you discover your unique self in doing things and how you do them differently from others. So dream of that movie that you want to be in or produce or the people you want to work with. Create that character only you can execute, using your unique patterned personality, talent, skills and abilities. When you don’t have a dream it’s like being on a hamster’s spinning wheel, you just circle the same place tirelessly, you keep moving and taking steps everyday but go nowhere. Create and design your own fantasy and put every detail in its place until you have a very clear picture of what you want. Get the feeling of having it now because it is the positive vibration that is brought about by predominant thoughts of having achieved already, that subconsciously guides you on the right path; then step down to the physical world and create that dream as you have seen it in your mind.

2. Create

The creation process of anything is the most beautiful, mind blowing activity when you have the right attitude and persistence. It is of no use to have a dream then just sit back and go on dreaming. A person not in motion to realize their dream negates the same dream once beautifully painted in the mind. Don’t make dreams your master, lest you want to be the kind who talks big, stir up people around you then just sit and wallow in your dreams (building castles in the air). Create them physically, have the burning desire to materialize them and make them your reality. You have the potential, you were born with it. By virtue of being just one in the whole world, having no duplicate is evidence of the unique power and traits only you possess to achieve great things. Believe and have the patience of seeing yourself through the challenges and trials as you make it happen. Take steps everyday towards your dream. Just because you can act doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you are capable of doing. A creative person has unlimited skills and abilities because of the access one has to the creative world. Be proactive. Develop skills and work hard on polishing them with practice. Write, direct, produce, sing etc. acquire the skills that will assist you in creating your dreams physically. When you are ready for the creation process and have made the decision, everything that you need you will get. The people, the money, the resources, the equipment all will be attracted to you. You will see the opportunities that you blindly passed in the past because in deciding and expecting you create awareness in yourself and in the environment you are in.

3. Study

Find the facts that will enable your dream materialize. Study people who have done what you want to do. Create time to educate yourself. All knowledge that you seek is out there, it has been and it will always be. At this point it is important that you know nothing is unrealistic. Your dream can come true no matter what it is and how it looks. Dig deep into books, a lot of secrets lie in them. Get training in the areas you are not familiar with yet. Watch films and stage plays with a keen eye, an educational eye not just critic. Study till it consumes you to a point of obsession and then put together that knowledge and transform it into workable plans of action. Acquiring knowledge endlessly and not applying it is an act of pure mediocrity. The film industry is very particular with individuals who can be successful in the acting profession; you need to ACT, literally. You have to be a person of action, constantly on the move to realizing your dream. Organize acting projects, design that business card, and send your work to the people who will assist you in getting there, ACT on sound advice. The knowledge you acquire will guide you on the actions to take but it’s the goal towards which you are working that will determine the kind of knowledge you need.

 4. Focus

The combination of natural talent and special technique brings out remarkable results. But you have to concentrate on the essentials to realize these results. Do not care about anything else that is not your calling or in line with your purpose. Anything that is not assisting you in achieving your goals is derailing you no matter how brilliant it is. Take all the energy that you do not give in other directions and put it in the direction of your art. This is the secret to mastery.

5. Be

It doesn’t cost anything in terms of money or resources to be the artist that you want to be, because this is the kind of process that starts from inward to out. Whatever you want to be is all inside of you. You can’t think of something you can’t do. So ACT the part and be one with the greater you, it will come soon enough in the physical realm. You have to believe in yourself and trust that you can achieve to have the patience to see the results.

By: Betty Mash


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