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Ever wondered how you see some actors in the media a lot and some you don't get to see at all? Well, that is because their managers/agents/PR/marketing teams are working to get them on to the media and news outlets. The media is one powerful way of marketing you as an actor/filmmaker and making sure you stay relevant and in people’s conscious minds and on people’s lips.

Media houses, blogs, the ghaflas, niajes and 's of the entertainment world are always looking for information to share and post. They cannot possibly write about everything and everyone because they do not know everything and everyone and probably do not have the time to get to know everything that goes on and everyone who is starting up as an actor or doing what project where or what show is happening.

 So they end up posting information that is readily available to them or readily shared by people.

That is where press releases come in handy. A press release is a written statement to the media. It can announce a range of news items, including scheduled events, personnel promotions, awards, new products and services, new shows etc. It can also be used to generate a feature story. Reporters are more likely to consider a story idea if they first receive a press release. It is a fundamental tool of PR work, one that anyone who's willing to use the proper format can use.

Self promotion is a dirty job and someone has to do it and that person is you. Well at least for the 1st few years of your acting career before you establish and become a brand that every reporter wants to write something about you and you've become a person of interest and even then, you will still have to send press releases for your new movie, series or project that you are doing...maybe by then you would have enough money to hire people to write it for you.

It really sounds complicated but it really actually isn't and I will show you how to write a press release step by step in summary:  (get full breakdown here-

1. Write a heading (a genuine catchy headline)- It should be brief, clear and to the point and hints on what to expect in the press release.

2. Write the body copy - The press release should be written as you want it to appear in a news story. And remember this: most journalists are very busy, and don't have time to research your company's big announcement, so much of what you write for your press release will be what the journalists use in their writeup of your big event. Whatever you want them to say, this is where you put it. The lead, or first sentence, should grab the reader and say concisely what is happening..The 1st paragraph expounds on the title and the rest of the paragraphs now gives the rest of the detailed information. Give as much information as possible and the reporters will decide what info to use and which one is not important.

3. Communicate the "5 Ws" (and the H) clearly. Who, what, when, where, why ––and how–– should tell the reader everything they need to know. Who are we talking about? What are we talking about? Where is the movie going to be released? When is it going to be released? Why this movie? How was it made? Et.c

4. Make it clean, crisp, and applicable to your audience. Odds are whoever you sent your press release to has a dozen just like it in his/her inbox just waiting to be ignored. If you want yours to be chosen, it's got to be good. Not only does it have to be good, but it has to be as close to "ready for press" as possible. Make sure you have good grammar, all the basics, and have something to write about.

5. Tie it together: Provide some extra information links that support your press release..Pictures, showreel, trailers, behind the scenes. Etc.

6. Email the press release: Getting emails and contacts of these website is really easy. They are always placed on their contact us pages. So visit your favorite entertainment blogs and email them your press release. You don’t even have to know them personally. So long as you press release is something news worthy, they will post the information.  

It is amazing however to know that most actors are media shy yet they are part of the media world. Publicity is good for your acting career and the more people know and talk about you and your acting projects, that is one way of getting more work as it is one way to create your brand and producers surely do want to work with brands. So don’t be afraid of the media and now you have power to control what the media says about you by writing and telling them what to say.

By Gerald Langiri

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