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  • Posted On: 2011-09-13 00:00:00

It has come to our attention that the organization during auditions from you is very wanting and very questionable. The organization in hosting auditions that SOME of you hold are poorly arranged and shows how unplanned you are. Just like any other job interview, an Audition is equivalent to that and requires the decency and all the seriousness.

When you say auditions commence at 10.a.m, let them start at exactly 10 a.m. not 10:01 or even 9:59 a.m. Let us avoid this whole theory and myth of us always being African Timers and tend to postpone or adjust our watches to 30 minutes or an hour later on. This might sound impossible but truth is, as much as the idea is ideal, it is very much possible and all that depends with creating a proper system of organization. It is not our job as actors to arrive at the audition room earlier than you and we have to wait for nearly an hour or so before the casting directors or producers arrive. You need us, as much as we need you, so lets respect each others time.

From the set up and the planning of your auditions, we can tell a lot about the production and it can either paint it in a good or bad way. So, as much as your production is one of the best in Kenya, dont make it look as a cheap one. Come on! You have a reputation to keep up and the status quo of your production is vital and of great importance. Let us not hear of instances that the registration forms were not enough. By now, you are all aware that our industry is all grown and you are likely to have roughly around 600 people and above auditioning as per statistic shows. Yes, over 600 people, dont be surprised, its an industry all grown. This is composed of both Actors and Aspiring Actors. So you know what to do.

When holding auditions, look for spacious ground such as the Kenya National Theatre to avoid overcrowding or scrams which might lead to be a disaster because the turn out will definitely be big. Holding open auditions on the 8th floor of a building will not work out and will leave damage control in the area. Also, another thing that you should also consider, if it is possible, auditions should be held at leasttwo days. Why is this so? We are of the idea that holding a two-day audition will be a splendid idea so that you can be able to give each person the opportunity to exhaust their abilities to the max and not to limit individuals because probably you are likely to run out of time and you still have a bunch of hundreds of actors to audition. Another reason might be that come half way the auditions, you definitely get exhausted and we are all humans we understand and you might tend to miss out on promising talents.

Calling for auditions without proper equipment to document makes no sense at all. A farmer going to farm without a “jembe” is similar to a production holding auditions without a camera. A camera is an essential item that helps you evaluate those who performed well or keep a record of actors who did not pass the audition and you can be able to use them for future projects.

At this point, you are definitely wondering why we are trying to fit in your shoes. Some of you are probably saying in their heads “hey! Since you know what do, why dont you be a casting director or producer? ” while others are thinking “Do you think this is as easy as it looks or do you think this is a walk in the park? ” or even someone would go like “And who are you that has the power to tell us what to do? ” But honestly speaking this is how we feel. How would you feel if an actor came into the audition room not prepared at all, keeps on fumbling and stammering and throws boredom all over? It happens, but you know that feeling, that irritating person who is wasting your time and yet you have a bunch of hundreds of actors to audition. Its a mutual feeling that we share when we find things scattered during auditions.

So, we are not trying to show you how to do your work neither are we trying to make demands on what we expect to happen during auditions. These are just opinions, suggestions and again, we stand to be corrected. We pledge to do our work spontaneously and with accordance as long as you do your part. It is two-way traffic.

Note that this does not apply to all productions. For those of you who have been doing a great job, keep up and for those who have been lacking in certain aspects, you have got homework to do.

Thank you for your time and hope this will strengthen our relationship and we will work as a team in the upcoming projects.

Yours Sincerely,
-Insert Actors name here-

Written by Mark Kaiyare .
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