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To increase your success in auditioning create your own CHECKLIST...It's a SYSTEM  for winning!  Follow mine or devise your own!Here Is mine:

1. Sleep the night before- 8 hours minimum- you think more clearly with a lot of rest.

2. No coffee, alcohol or heavy meals- you need to be agile, light on your feet, aware and aware (well, one coffee in the morning).

3. Plan the audition outfit and a backup the day before- try it on as in dress rehearsal. Dress for the character but also for you- what makes you look and feel good.

4. Warm up your voice- read a magazine, newspaper, ipad, kindle before leaving to go to the audition- whether you are a singer or just speaking you want your voice to be rich, supported, mellow  and professional.

5. Exercise, run in place, do yoga the day of...get rid of stress but have energy!

6. Work on the script- if there isn't one, do (out loud) a few improv's about the character- that much info the casting call should have or your agent will have given you or will be shared..if not, prepare a monologue, just incase.

7. If there's time google the major players involved- writer, director, producer,casting director and how they work- not to brownnose but to talk intelligently about their projects. If they open a casual conversation, you might mention "...loved your last film(play)"..or "you worked with my classmate______ from Carnegie-Mellon!"

8. Leave graciously- thank them for the opportunity and wish them luck with their production. They can always call you for another role or to replace the person who didn't work out- (that happened several times in my career)!

9. Send a thank you note, email,sms or postcard or if they've given you permission to do so- contact them via social media- twitter, facebook, Link'd In. Follow up forever-they'll think of you for the next project or several!

10. Evaluate what you accomplished. Make a list of what to work on. If need be find a coach who specializes in your one (or more ) weak spots....speech, voice, regional or foreign accent, singing, dancing, classical text, comedy- working with the "Masters" will make you one- so seek them out!

Then forget about the audition. Move on. Be Happy! Another day, another role!

By Gwyn Gillis

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