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Kenyan Music Videos are no doubt setting the pace in the audio-visual film industry. With actors also being used in music videos to tell the story nothing but thumbs up can be given. The music duo Innofaces released their latest song titled "Mmbaya" that features Ian Mugoya and Lucy Waigera of the Changing times fame.

Changing Times was one of the highly watched programmes back in 2011 and is responsibly for bringing to the limelight actors like Brenda Wairimu, Lenana Kariba, Ian Mugoya and Lucy Waigera just to mention but a few.

Ian Mugoya played the role of George a smooth guy with a swerve and swag... an irresistible go-getter. Lucy on the other hand played the innocent yet bad girl who couldnt care less about breaking other peoples which, she broke because of a fling she had George (Ian Mugoya).

It seems history as a way of repeating itself as the two meet again in this music video that tells the story of a woman trying to move on from the ex but proves to be difficult.

Good acting..and job well done is all I have to say. Watch it below though and leave your comments and shouldnt we definately have more musicianS collaborating with actors in their videos?

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