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Raymond Ofula has been a professional actor in Kenya and beyond for over 40 years. Some of the international films he has featured in include: Tomb Raider II starring Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, White Maasai, To Walk with the Lions, Oscar award wining film, the Constant Gardner and hundreds of local Kenyan Films. Ofula has also starred in Kenyan television series such as Noah Melis Heart and Soul,Makutano Junction, Better Days,Nairobi Law, Tabasamu, Changes, and Mali.

Raymond Ofula

He has also feautured in Wintereiss a German TV series and South African-Nigerian hit TV series: Jacobs Cross. Ofula’s first major role was the role of Noah Meli, a grandfather, bedridden with aids who reveals his condition to his teenage grandson, advising him on living a virtuous life.

He was voted the Best Lead Actor in a TV drama for his role as a lawyer in Nairobi Law in Kalasha Awards 2011.

When asked by on where he drew inspiration to become a thespian Ofula responded “ I discovered very early in my life that I had the talent and passion for acting and so I followed my dream with a whole heart, today, I am proud to say, it has paid off.

Raymond Ofula

Ofula is of the strong opinion that local and international investors should be investigate the economic potential of the Kenyan Film industry so that they can invest in it. He also believes the Government should increase the ratio of local content on Television to create opportunities for more local productions thus creating jobs.

In his free time, Ofula enjoys going to the Gym , reading historical novels, listening to classical music and singing in the church choir.

63 year old Raymond Ofula is without a question one of Kenya’s finest. . .

Watch Raymond in action from a scene of Nairobi Law below.

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