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The definition attitude of art simply calls for an atmosphere which is breathable for the artist. You will have to choose the performances based on the script, the rapport you have with the show runner and those who will be in front of the camera and behind the scenes during the production process……

The selection, conscience, interpretation, evaluation, navigation, continuity and essence (SCIENCE) must match the intended results of the performance, before, during and after the production process. The whole system of the professional definition, attitude and the art that you must carry as a performer must be illuminated in all the dark corners of your dreams….here is the walk down the road of how it is easy to memorize steps.

SELECTION-you can’t be in all dramas- be it on stage or screen, you have to chose what you must be in to reflect the profile of who you are and where you want to go as an artist. If you select everything, you become too common to the point of losing your worth, let people associate you with some form or the other as this will give you class. It also brands and scales your pitch as an artist to beyond over-the top-levels. You want one day to have a marquee name, right? Then start being selective of the shows that you want to be in, please don’t make your face as an artist too common, make it unique by being in unique media publications- whether electronic or print, let people miss your face.

CONSCIENCE_ You know that in your heart of hearts, you are not the best according to your scale; you can only improve your DNA by allowing the positive energy to drive the show towards becoming. It is a process, never an event. Eliminate the pride and self doubt, tone down the arrogance, engage your mindset to listening to your soul and make the journey towards being better occupy the necessity in your life, the whole journey conscience must be controlled by what the Chinese call “TAI CHI” It is all within you, the power to become what you must, learn how to accept and control it, while always seeing the good in every challenge, and not allowing obstacles or distractions to derail you.  Discover the self in ways which are both full of life and positive resilience…this is 99% the journey to achievement.

INTERPRETATION- You are what you think and believe as an artist, if you believe that you are good, and you have the humility to support this, then you can only become better, if you feel that excellence defines you, then the road to being priceless as an artist is fast approaching, refine the way you look at yourself, define the way you want to be seen, look at who you want to become, demystify the ego that shrouds the scales of your artistic journey…..just become one with the process of where you want to be years down the line, it will be the only force that your heart will understand, be optimistic all the time, that is your duty as an artist.

EVALUATION- your value as a human being is enough to help you know that your brain has enough electricity to light Nairobi city for days, and this is when you think about a second or less. You then can light the whole universe if you truly wanted to engage your mind that way, your value is immense, when you look at you, see a gem, be happy and go on and make others happy, it is this positive way of looking at yourself which makes every day you live as an artist be worth it. Look at yourself as a hero and others will, attract only good feelings into your soul and others will want to be associated with everything that you are remotely connected with. This is the miracle of power of attraction, evaluate whether you have it and if not, go claim it with the full force of the desire.

NAVIGATION- life is one big sea for you as an artist and there are all manner of sea predators waiting for you to touch the water and then they attack. It doesn’t matter how good a swimmer you are, when the predators wants to attack, they will do so. You must learn all you can about the waters, don’t just plunge in because you believe in your ability to outmaneuver the sharks and piranhas …know the waters is my advice. It may not make a lot of sense for now, but when the piranhas attack, it will be too late for your final prayers….don’t play in the waters…swim across as fast as you can….

CONTINUITY_ nothing bores like an artist who completely refuses to grow and develop artistically, when you carry the same performance, same style, same approach and same systems in a show, it may work or it may completely backfire, unless the edge and style is very unique and very you, please know how to shift and transform, let us see continued growth in the understanding of the industry, the maturity of your performances as a person and an artist based on the choices of the scripts and characters that you make. It is that extra edge that will guarantee that show runners will come looking for you way into retirement, ask  Arnold Schwarzenegger why he is back on the screens after retiring from art to become California’s governor… it is because the public wanted him back.

ESSENCE- finally- the overall goodness and grace of something ( entire beauty and elegance) is what we can call essence. Professionally, essence comes as a result of everything you put in as an artist, it is the pay. If you do a good job, the credit, the reviews and talk in the town and press make people to stream into small and big screens to watch you thrill them. You get every show runner calling and before you know it, you are screaming with happiness, dancing all the way to the bank. You really want essence to be the focal point of your DNA as an artist, the whole science ends here and the end in everything is sometimes more important than the beginning. Learn to appreciate your essence by making it grow; you have to feed it with the right foods. Nutrition for your essence to thrive to priceless levels begins here and now, today is the day for making essence the number one ambition in your life, may you thrive.

Written by John Karanja.| Powered by third force association| Pic Source


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