Gerald Langiri
June 20 / 2012

From the time it was announced that Media Tulee Mtoto Charity Initiative is going to hold a Celebrity Catwalk in Nairobi, everyone knew it was going to be a success. Forgive my optimism but you do not have names like Wini Nkinda,Mkamzee Mwatela,Rachel Muthoni,Mbeki Mwalimu,Brenda Mwai, Sarah Hassan, Fatma Rashid, Size 8, Pierra Mckena, Mumbi Maina, Wanja Mworia, Sabina Stadler, Nice Githinji, Millicent Mugadi, Brenda Wairimu and to top it all up, the talent, beauty and brains of one Nariki Janet Kirina take part in an event and expect it to fail. America had its justice league of super heroes but we too can now boast of our own local hero celebrities comprising of actors, musicians and designers unite to make a disabled child have a warm place to sleep.

 celebrity charity catwalk


Yes, the event was not just all glitz and glamour as the models showcased designs from Achie Otigo, fastest rising couture designer in Kenya and international designer Uhuru Clothing, but, it was glitz and glamour with a purpose. To make a “MTOTO LALA POA”. The money raised from this event that took place on the 14th of June 2012 at Le Vans restaurant was to go a long way to make the children from Compassionate Hands for the disabled foundation, who have been sleeping on a few mattresses on the floor for the longest time, finally enjoy a warmer and cozy bed.  It was indeed a charity event but one that will be spoken about for quite some time. Whoever said charity work should be boring, they need to talk to Nariki Janet Kirina and her team to get tips on how much fun one can get from helping the less priviledged.

 celebrity charity catwalk


In approximately less than two weeks of organization of the event, the team behind this charity event managed to get names like Anto Neo Soul, Cliff Ombeta, Kenzo, Ainea Ojiambo, Ala C, Lexx, Rabbit (Kaka Sungura) just to mention but a few, volunteer for a celebrity auction and a whooping bid of ksh 15,000 was thrown at Anto neo soul as the highest bid of the night. I suspect rigging but who cares, it was all for charity. Lol.

While all this was happening, Nick Ndeda, the MC of the night made sure everything was running as per schedule and I must say this man knows how to make electrical faults happening at a DJ booth look like part of a show. Anyone looking for an MC for any event, Nick is your man.

DJ Crème, the crème de la crème, superstar DJ was holding down the decks making sure the guests were kept entertained while the beautiful actresses from the Dream Pillars team were on standby to usher in guests to their designated seats.

Special thank you to O double, Airforce Dancers and Vanika. This lady drove the crowd wild with her “shake what your mama gave ya” dancing moves. Versatile, Ala C, Trappee and Kaka Sungura also graced the stage and showed us why they are some of the best musicians we have in town.

Our Guest of honor, Anne Njeri, Director of Compassionate Hands foundation graced the stage, albeit in tears, had the chance to express her heartfelt appreciation to the amount of support and help she has been awarded towards making a better home to the 30 children she is taking care of.

Then In came the catwalk: THE CELEBRITY CATWALK! International designer Uhuru Clothing showcased his ethnic collection 2012. Elegant and sleek designs from this collection.  Anyone who knows anything about fashion, should rock UC.

The house was however left in screams as Achie Atigo unveiled her designs. Amazing is all I can say and if I may offer some piece of advice, get these designs while Achie has not yet gone beyond borders. If what she showcased was anything to go by, it is only a matter of time before you and I cannot afford what this designer has to offer.

To wrap it all up, a target of ksh 255,000 was the amount hoped to be collected from the event but even though only ksh 116,000 was the cash raised, the organizers were contented to the much they had after it all. Furthermore, pledges in the form of mattresses, blankets, bails of flour, beds, shoes, and clothes surpass the intended amount.

A big thank you to everyone who made this event a success through the little/much you did be it being a model, performing artists, organizer or by simply attending the event, may God bless the work of your hands.

We visit the home on the 23rd of June 2012.All are welcomed. You do not need a special invite for this. Like the facebook page Media Tulee Mtoto Charity Initiative for more info.

Is Nariki Janet Kirina and her team doing this again? Well they do not have a choice. They just have to.

 Janet Kirina



Written by Gerald Langiri.

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