Gerald Langiri
April 08 / 2012

 “Are you coming tomorrow?” asked a little three year old child at Good Samaritan children’s home

The kids in Good Samaritan children’s home could not hide their joy when they saw the Souls of Charity Initiative members and well wishers heading towards their gate. The kids jumped with bright smiles on their faces with others clapping cheerfully.

souls of charity  initiative is a group which was formed in 31st December 2011. It consists of young energetic people who are actors, actresses, models and well wishers.

The group has so far visited three children’s homes : Nyumbani children’s home in Karen, Cheryls children’s home in Ngong Road and the recent one Good Samaritan children’s home in the hearts of Soweto slums in Kayole.

The charity event dubbed “be your brother’s keeper” was meant to make the lovely angels in the children’s home know that they are treasured especially this festive season when everybody is feasting.

Damaris Abonyo who is the Homes’ director could not hide her joy till tears started rolling down her cheeks slowly “I used to beg for food then I come to cook I struggled with the job and at times I wanted to quit the job and return the kids where I had found them but I remembered the scripture” she said.

Damaris Abonyo
Damaris Abonyo


“When kids are dumped I am called to go and pick them but I thank God for the strength that he has given me imagining I started this home with only KSh.100 but this has been my best Easter ever” she added.

The verse that Ms. Abonyo has always been referring to when she feels like giving up is Psalms 41 which inspires her.

The kids need shoes as they use “floaters” to go to school which makes them prone to diseases because of the state of public schools toilets and a TV set among others, The home does not have donors and it only depends on well wishers like souls of charity.

In case you want to help the home you can reach it through the director, her telephone number is 0720387663.

Good Samaritan Childrens home


The aim of the group is to reach out to the less privileged in the society “we are still young so we taking a step at a time, we aim to reach out to the sick in hospitals, prisoners and encourage them but those are our long time goals above all we act as ambassadors to anybody who wants to help but they don’t know which channels to use” said Dharshie Freddie, the group’s chairman.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank actors.co.ke for spreading the word, coverage of the event and just coming out to support us. Msaso male choir for the song they performed. Mfufu band and last but not least hearts of art for their skit that left the kids in laughter.  Thank you for all those who attended this event and hope to be with you as we plan for yet another souls of charity initiative event. God bless.

Below is a poem performed by the kids for the visitors.Enjoy.



Written by Nancy Amunga

Secretary, Souls of Charity Initiative

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