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Days before the eve of the year 2012, everyone was in a jovial mood waiting to usher in the New Year in style with all the swag they could. Meanwhile the brains of one young local model cum actor were busy wondering, if all the able and the wealthy in the society were this satisfied with the posh lifestyle they had, who will be taking care of the less fortunate in the society? Who will clothe the poor? Who will be feeding the hungry? These thoughts could not stop haunting him and that is when he decided to call on his closest friends and see how they could at least put a smile on these faces and also give them a chance to share their happiness in the same way as the rest.

More like him, his friends did not let him down. They embarked on a project to visit a children’s home of their choice and regardless of how much they had or how many they were, they had ambient zeal and courage to take their first shot and on December 31st 2011, they visited Nyumbani children’s home in Karen. That is how Souls of Charity initiative was born!

Souls of Charity initiative is a group of enthusiastic youths, mostly composed of young models, actors, musicians and artists, who are philanthropic enough to dig from their pockets to raise funds and donations to help those who are less fortunate in the society. The genius idea was pioneered by one great mind, DHARSHI WISSAH FREDDIE. This can be considered a great sacrifice and a huge act of charity since majority of these big hearted youths are just students in colleges and universities.

So far these initiatives charitable hand have been successful in reaching the hearts of more than 200 needy children from two children home; Nyumbani children’s (Karen) and Cheryl’s children’s home (Ng’ong road).

Currently there is a project ongoing for planning the Easter edition event which has been proposed to be held in the slums of Mathare.

This initiative is energized by the warm hearts of these enthusiastic youths and fueled by their long term goals of reaching as many needy people as possible.


They have been in dire need for more precise management due to the high demand of follow up and events to come and that is why we decided to have a cluster of team leaders derived from the wholesome of all concerned members. These team leaders are;

Dharshie Freddie (chairperson)
Rehema Mohammed (vice chairperson)
Nancy Amunga (secretary)
Julie Mwangi (treasurer)
Damian Njararuhi (PR affairs & spokesperson)
Ronald Ndubi (event organizing)
Donpaul Kamau (photography)
David M’turuchiu (web administrator)
Ken Ndolo (transport coordinator)
Carol Mutune (coordinator)
Leilah karim(coordinator)
Claudia Musyoka
Grace Muna


souls of charity team



The reason why we need the support of the media and this sort of publicity is because, as a group we believe that we are just ambassadors and not sole proprietors of this project, meaning, there are so many people out there who have the heart to contribute towards charity but the do not know the right channels to use. With this in mind, it is crucial to have this cause well publicized for everyone to learn of our existence and with that we can be able to spread our wings further and be able to help more and needier people.

The group has also employed a strong use of social media to mobilize people and publicize the group manifesto that is, the Facebook and Twitter group. There is also a plan that is being currently worked on about launching a website for the cause.

Yours sincerely
Dharshie Freddie


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