Gerald Langiri
March 12 / 2012

In line with trying to elevate our Kenyan actors, we understand that marketing is an integral part of the whole presentation of an actor. One way to market yourself as an actor is to have good quality professional photos to showcase your strong features to potential producers and casting directors. Your portfolio/resume must depict the character that you feel you best fit in and that should be portrayed in the photos you have. We also would like to maintain professionalism in your actors profiles hosted on www.actors.co.ke.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we have partnered with one of the best photography studios in the country namely Gash Studio .

Gash Photo Studio was established in October 2010 by a young talented team of photo enthusiasts that wanted to share their magic with you.

Now located on the ground floor of Bishan Plaza off Mpaka Road in Westalnds, Nairobi (the same building as the black diamond club). It is a full service digital photography facility providing high end studio, on-site and location services to corporate, advertising, editorial, industrial, design, retail and commercial clients.

They specialize in People Photography including all forms of portraiture, fashion, beauty and hair and lifestylesx for advertising, commercial, editorial and non on-commercial clients.

Gash studio combines contemporary photography stylesxs and practices with traditional studio services and facilities to ensure every moment is sheer photographic art.


Due to its high end clientele, a picture at Gash studio costs Ksh 500 (one picture). However, with this partnership, actors.co.ke and Gash Studio have agreed to ksh 300 for two pictures (a headshot and a full body shot) and will be in soft copy via email. This offer is only applicable once a month.Meaning, if you would like to have another photoshoot at that offer,ksh 300 for two pictures, you will have to wait for the next calendar month. If you would like to take more pictures with you from the same photoshoot, you will be charged ksh 300 per picture.This price is only exclusive to Kenyan actors who would like to create their acting profiles on www.actors.co.ke and do not have good pictures. You will therefore only get this price if you are referred to Gash studio by actors.co.ke who will then confirm that you have your profile registered with them or are planning to create one. This measure is to avoid any person from getting this offer whose interest are not in acting.


Gash Studio is opened Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 and on Saturday 09:00-15:00. Actors.co.ke would prefer a day’s notice period in order to inform and forward your name to Gash studio.


You will notify actors.co.ke that you would like to have your pictures taken either via email (info@actors.co.ke) or telephone (0723-875-536 or 0714-256-311 only) or via our facebook page and we will in return forward your name to Gash studio to inform them that you will be showing up for your photo shoot at a particular time.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Sample Photos by Gash Studio

Kenneth Ambani

Gitau Ngongoyo.jpg



Chiaka Desmond.jpg

Warm regards,
Gash Studio and actors.co.ke team.

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