Gerald Langiri
February 20 / 2012

You have probably seen Sabina Stadler appearing in one or more TV shows in Kenya. This is one actress who has appeared both on TV and on stage. Sabina is slowly but steadily building an impressive portfolio, and is now sought after whenever there is an upcoming audition by players in the industry.

Having grown up as a performer in school and church plays, Sabina always had the love for acting. Despite her finance major, this young, stunning and upcoming star still makes time to do her thing on stage and Screen. Her versatile TV roles that range from playing a sexy vixen to an innocent victim has seen her land roles in popular local productions such as Changing times and Changes.

I met up with her at an audition for an upcoming radio show and got to know more about Sabina Stadler and her love for acting

Noella: What is it about acting that you love?

Sabina: I love acting because you get to see different stories come to life. You also become part of that story, by playing a specific character. Acting makes you vulnerable to that character, whereby you get to be a thief today or someone sexy tomorrow and still get away with it.

Noella: I have seen you perform a play called Wanjiku’s Dilemma at Phoenix theatre, Good job no doubt.Tell us where else you’ve showcased your talent?

Sabina: Thanks.We’ll I’ve done Saints on NTV, Changing times on KTN, Changes on MNET, Tussle on KBC and basically act in school and church. I also sing and do a bit of modelling. It may seem a lot but, I’m the kind of person who gets bored from doing one thing. To get it all done, needs passion and a lot of time management skills.

Noella: Changes is a production which has an international audience, how would you compare it with local productions?

Sabina: Wow.aah! When you hear a show is going to air on MNET you tend to be on your toes. I can say its alot more pressure, because you know you’re dealing with something that is going to be showcased to a bigger audience. With that said, I wish that Kenyan actors would treat local productions whether free or otherwise with all their best. This is because you never know who will watch that production! Funny enough that is how I got a role in Changes. Just through networking and going for auditions, I never knew anyone in the industry and honestly I never knew I could get there since I started from somewhere very low.

Sabina Stadler


Noella: You’ve mentioned auditions, tell us the process one needs to go through in an audition

Sabina: Honestly,it’s different for different auditions, but it starts with you taking the initiative to know about the auditions. First you need to know when and where an audition is taking place. The best way to know about the audition is by networking, making friends with actors, producers and generally people in the industry. Websites such as actors.co.ke also gives regular updates. Then once you are there it’s all about your confidence. You are not there to compete, if you look at it as a competition you fail. Remember that you are there to showcase your talent. You also need to know that you may have the talent but are not suited for the role. Don’t give up just keep going for more auditions and you will definitely get your part. Everyone has a part made for them.

Noella: You’ve talked about not giving up…how many times have you been rejected at an audition and how did you take the news?

Sabina: Well actually it’s a number of times haha! Sometimes it’s demotivating because you didn’t go there to waste your time. Then of course there may be some politics involved but take a chance if you have talent you’ll get your big break. For me to get a role in Changes I didn’t have experience in TV but someone took a chance on me but I had to take the first step by getting myself out there.

Noella: Let’s talk about your theatre experience.You’ve done shows for TV and plays, how would you compare the two?

Sabina: It’s very different; there is an article I did about the awe of theatre where I give a candid insight. But generally, I really love the theatre because there is this ghostly feeling, like the gods are looking over you. As you perform, you also get to feed off the energy of a live audience who laugh or comment as the play goes on. In addition the biggest challenge you can have as an actor is performing from a stage where you don’t have cut or edit. You don’t have a second chance to say or do things on stage so you have to give it your best shot.

Noella: Any last words
Sabina: I’ve gotten demotivated as an actress on several occasions. However, I’d like to tell all those out there who are in the industry or aspire to get in it to keep it going because we are the life of the industry. So let’s believe we will get there. Just like the fly overs which are coming in terms of infrastructure, as actors, We Will

Get There!


Click here to view Sabina Stadlers Acting Profile 

Interview done By Noella Luka

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