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The four types of actors, which one are you?

1. The Star

They become an actor for the fame, the money and the attention. They love being famous and the publicity that goes along with it. Demonstrate a desperate need for attention, and to establish who they are in real life. Choose roles on how much they will be paid and how it will affect their public image, or their image of themselves. Terrified of performing on a stage. Need multiple takes when filming. Tremendous egos and confidence, yet insecure at times. Generally make horrible, simplistic films based on the same character archetype over and over again. Prone to sequels, celebrity mates, and substance abuse problems. Usually give awful performances, with occasional flashes of greatness. Often began acting as a last resort, or to escape from something. Usually grew up poor. They do massive box-office all over the world, and often need only one name. When people talk about a “Celebrity Culture” these are the people they are talking about. On any given day there about 75 of these people in the world.

2. The Actor

They become an actor because they love to act. Period. They love every aspect of it. The process of becoming someone else appeals to them. They like escaping from who they are, unlike the Star who promotes who they are. They like to disappear in the role. They love the live theater and performing for an audience. Have wanted to be an actor as long as they can remember. Often come from a showbiz family. Broadway is important to these types. They have a certain snob factor. They feel they are the “Real” actors. Take it all very seriously, use the word “Craft” when talking about acting.

3. The Artist

By far the most talented and interesting of all the acting types. Multitalented with a definite point of view on life. Usually they paint, write or are musically inclined. Almost always they will or want to direct as well as act. Have absolutely no regard for what is commercial. Their art is never influenced by current trends and what would make a lot of money. They are only interested in the visions in their heads. Will not answer to any executive or suit. They only care about what other artists think. Can play many different types of characters. Very rarely in the public eye, and when they are they are uncomfortable with it. Extremely loyal to the people around them who help and share their visions.

4. The Accidental Celebrity

These are “actors” who came to the profession through accidental means. Either they were part of a big news story, use status from another position, or just kind of appear on the scene. Like any other group some are talented and some are not. This group generally has the most natural “real person” vibe. This group does celebrity endorsements, TV (interviews as themselves, or playing themselves on sitcoms) and cameos’ in films.

Written by Xavier Jerry Nato 

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