Gerald Langiri
November 24 / 2011

There is a thing about money, it loves drama. Think Todo Sombre Kirima, a TV show about things that happen right in our backyards. Lights, Camera, and Lies! The show that premiers tonight(24TH Nov 2011) on KTN at 8.30p.m will take you through what happens when Richard Juma dies, Lies that Bind. Nothing ends when he dies, it all begins. And the control freak that he was while alive is the control freak he is in death.

In the middle of it all is a family woven together by malice and betrayals, all in pursuit of the wealth that Juma leaves behind.

On the first staircase of the hierarchy stands Joyce, Juma’s first wife. The role is played by Lucy Nyaga. Joyce is the good wife, the kind that will stand with a man through thick and thin, helping him build his empire. She is one that commands respect from people around her.

lies that bind

She has a daughter, Esther, the one that wears the pants in Juma’s company. Esther is the CEO of JR Investments. She is an independent woman, and she sits behind a desk and works the role well, not in a hurry to marry, even though that is what her father wished for her to get married.

lies that bind
Irene Ayimba

At the centre of all the chaos is Edith, the second wife. She will fight you to get what she wants, it does not matter how much blood she has to spill, or how many weaves she has to pull out of people’s heads. She is a tragedy happening, a greedy soul, the kind of greed that runs in the blood. Edith’s role is well played by Florence Nduta. Edith’ fighting for her son, Joseph to take over the running of her late husband’s company.

lies that bind

Joseph is a man, but a boy who sits on the shores waiting for money to be washed over to his feet. His mother is the one that fights for him, and fighting she does. When Joseph is not fighting the rest of the family with his mother, he drinks.

lies that bind

Salome is Richard Juma’s true love, and the third wife. She is calm, a good girl, and the kind whose head you can sit on like a stool. Salome’s role is played by Ruth Maingi . She has two kids, Patricia and Allan.

lies that bind

Patricia on the other hand is the bubbly young girl in the family who is on a journey to discovering herself. She is experimental, a typical school girl trying to find her way in a world marred by family drama.

lies that bind

There is never family drama without a little extension. So here comes the uncle that believes that his brother’s money belongs to none other than himself. He is greedy, malicious and the bearer of all betrayals. He plays his game well, concocting his bad to look good. Unlce John Juma is played by Tom Onsongo.

lies that bind

Do not miss a chance to catch the drama as it premiers on KTN tonight, 8.30p.m

Source:Vibe Weekly

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