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Wholesome entertainment is a registered business that focuses on providing premier entertainment for couples and families. Currently Wholesome entertainment uses theater to provide entertainment, but will in the near future expand to other platforms. Wholesome entertainment is based in Nairobi Kenya, where we develop and perform our work.

What Wholesome does

The founders of wholesome entertainment say the business exists to deliver true happiness, success, and joy to relationships, marriage and family. (Through funny, relate-able and engaging plays)


With less than three months to their wedding Seth Busolo and Daisy Nyawira had only paid for their rings.  The options of getting additional cash were also minimal and the couple had decided not to take a loan to fund their wedding. 

“Our wedding was in April and in early February we met to think through how we would get the money,” Daisy says. After much prayer and soul searching, an idea popped into their heads. “I realized that I have experience as a scriptwriter and Daisy has experience as a professional TV and theater actress, and so I thought why don’t we do a play,” Seth enthused.

Seth begun to write the script based on his experience in preparing for the wedding. Daisy, on her part, begun to run around and prepare for the production, logistics, marketing and sales. Seth admits that in retrospect his wife actually took on the heavier task.

“She’s a natural marketer and a great negotiator, and she’s great with planning and logistics,” Seth says.

Eventually the day of the show came and the couple said they we were shocked and surprised at the numbers. A long line of people eager to watch a play that was being staged by first timers and the play “It’s not about the Bride,” did better than anticipated. The actors and director did a great job in turning the play into a totally relatable, engaging and funny master-piece.

Daisy revealed that after the wedding it became clear that the play had a bigger impact than they expected. She adds that they bumped into a good number of the people who had attended the play and they kept asking them to do another play. She says that they liked the fact that the play was locally relate-able, emotionally engaging, intellectually stimulating and the humor was clean. It was Wholesome Entertainment.  So the couple registered the business under the name Wholesome Entertainment.

And over the last two years Wholesome Entertainment has staged five other plays namely Secrets, Private and Confidential, Corporate wife, Here Comes the Groom and History Box. The business has grown and wholesome entertainment is now delivering true happiness to their clients through engaging, funny and relate-able plays. Seth states that wholesome entertainment is more than a theater group as the stage is just a platform. The founders of wholesome entertainment say that they are keen to utilize and create platforms that will enable them to fulfill their vision.

“During a ten week course we had both taken called Mizizi, we both discovered that our purpose is in the area of family the arts and entertainment. So for wholesome entertainment we exist for more than just making money and ensuring shareholders get their returns. Yes the money enables the business unit to run, but the core reason for the existence of wholesome entertainment is to develop content that delivers true happiness, success, and joy to relationships, marriage and family.” Seth says.

Creative Director- Seth Busolo 

Operations Director- Daisy Busolo

Theatrical Director- Sarah Rimbui

Contact Us

Please contact  us on the below e-mail for any clarification.,

 0725040951, 0721866543, 0722445549