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  • Posted On: Tue, 26/01/11

Dream House Productions is a diversified entertainment Kenyan production house with interests in plays, musicals, live orchestra, television and film production for the silver screen. Established in 2007, Dream House Productions has vast experience in the theatrical service market.

The founder of Dream House Productions was previously involved with Beauty for Ashes from 2002 – 2005 as co-founder whose primary objective was to minister to women through music and dance. .

Our Vision is to develop and showcase Kenyan talent in the Arts by providing avenues to nurture, grow and showcase the enormous untapped and unfulfilled local talent. We have made it our Mission to develop the performing arts to a professional career status worthy of respect. .

In line with our mission and vision, our core values: integrity, honesty and excellence go a long way in making Dream House Productions a life changing production house in Kenya. Being real to ourselves means that we step away from the façade and bring key issues - mainly moral and emotional - to the fore, transforming society spirit, soul and body and bringing healing through our productions. .

Our passion is; to see all cadres of artists maximize their God given potential. Dream House Productions is therefore a platform for cultivating and showcasing professional level artists’ skills and enabling Kenyans – as in other parts of the world - to celebrate each others gifts and talents. .

Dream House Productions is registered under the companies act of Kenya. .

Dream House Productions
P.o. Box 58412 – 00200 Nairobi
Tel: 2061331