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Big Ideas ltd was formed in 2003 by a versatile team of young documentary and film professionals with an aim to provide solutions to audiovisual media needs by fostering new trends through combing effectiveness and creativity in communication.

Big Ideas LTd, has a team of vastly experienced staff members ranging from scriptwriters, directors, onsite filming crews, post production editors and video graphic designers. These professional are the reason the company posses the ability to offer creative production solutions. .

The directors of the company share in the running of the company by heading the main production departments. .


Our services

    • *Documentaries & Infomercials
    • *Production partners
    • *Video Brochures
    • *Films
    • *On-site production Training
    • *Equipment and personnel hire
    • *Production Logistics
    • *Film licensing agents


Director of Productions

Angelo Kinyua was the overall winner of the prestigious CNN Multichoice Africa journalist of the year award 2005 cancer as well as best documentary director at the Kenya cine week 2004 for his heartrending documentary. He has worked as a TV producer and director for 8 years. He was the producer for the highly rated TV magazine series Tazama broadcast on national television in Kenya. He also the directed the popular television series, ‘Red korna’, broadcast on NTV. He successfully completed the international professional program at the CNN headquarters in Atlanta USA on the running of a big news company. In testament to his vast experience, he has directed documentaries for Barclays Bank Kenya, Microsoft Africa, DFID, Davis and Shirtliff, the Government of Kenya program for ICT, the Judiciary among others.

Director of Photography

William Owusu:As one of the most experienced videographers, Mr. William Owusu has been filming international/ local documentaries, short/ feature movies and commercials since 1996. His expertise in camera, lights and composition enables him to project a filmic look to most of his productions. Over the course of his career as a videographer, he has filmed for CNN, Aljazeera, Medeva and Big Ideas Ltd. He is also a filmmaker in his own right and produced has award winning films that have won awards at the International Film Festival such as Oberhaussen International Film Festival in Germany – 2004, 2005. In year 2006, he won the ‘ecumenical award’ for his short film ‘Me First”. He trains and directs the filming work carried out by Big Ideas Entertainment

Director of Editing

Aleks Kamau is vastly talented editor and heads the edit department at Big Ideas Entertainment. He has over 5 years experience in the production of documentaries, movies made for television, mini-series and short films. He has worked with other organizations such as Medeva and is well versed in other areas such as directing, acting, filming and editing. He oversees the day to day edit activities, guiding on most of the edits for Big Ideas Ltd including those of projects that have won awards. He was awarded the Most Upcoming Talent of the Year; in the Journalist of the year awards 2004.

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