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?Liquid Entertainment is an entertainment company that comes with a wide range of services to offer to the society at large. ?It mainly deals with theatrical plays, stage plays, films, movies that impact the society at large.?It also has package for events planning and Public Relation.

To inspire, motivate and challenge its community cutting through all age groups.Educating our community as we grow and be a role model to the society.To purpose on molding a diverse range of talents as we empower the young innovative artists hence embarking on producing role models as pacesetters.


To create an avenue of entertainment and enlighten, while showcasing artistic skills thus steering the community towards a positive society.


Liquid entertainment is an endearing entertainer that majors on a diverse range of artistic categories. Its main focus is to inspire, motivate and challenge its community cutting through all age groups, from the young to the elderly. We believe that entertainment is part parcel of human life.
 As we achieve our profound goals, our purpose in edutainment, will be our daily drive to our community as we grow.

Based in Nairobi Kenya, liquid entertainment was established in 2008 by a group of young innovative artists who thought it wise to come together and establish a unique crew.

Plays done in the past

Butula’s Mirror                   2009 December

Vale Spade   2010 February

Aunty Quity   2010 April

Dangling Dodger                  2010 December

Cuff and Crooks                  2010 August

The Nanny   2010 December

Pesky Towers  2011 February

The Quest  2011 April

Bah Bah Black Sheep  2012 March

Bah Bah Black Sheep  2012 May (re-Run)

Dubious Doctor  2012 July


For more information contact:



P.O.BOX 817 – 00200


0724397676; 0721157070