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MAGIC GALAXY LTD is a leading multi-media and communication production company with its offices located in Nderi- Muguga, near Kenya forestry research institute headquarters.

Starting business in 1999 as an audio production house specializing in production of radio spots jingles and tracks for video production. Magic galaxy ltd has over the years built up its technical and human resources capacity and now produces quality video documentaries as well as television and film productions.

Integration of top of the line media production equipment, technical knowhow and creative talent has been done to achieve the highest level of production quality for our clients.

In short we offer the solution.

Mission Statement

To offer targeted, cost effective, result oriented execution of creative production of communication concepts and help you attain your overall objective of securing a fair market share.

To facilitate an extensive production and communication approach with an overall objective of creating a one stop shopping facility for a client’s entire multi-media and communication production needs.

Our Vision

To lead, empower, offer leadership and direction to persons and a community dedicated to professionalism and creative arts.

Our secrets to success

The secret to our successful job executions boil down to seven primary principles which guide our team of experts and partners:-

  1. Honesty,
  2. creativity,
  3. insight,
  4. productivity,
  5. consistency,
  6. responsiveness and
  7. results


Film is beautiful and the stories are many to tell, we want to use the development of digital technology to mobilize everybody interested in the art, craft and business of film to join hands with us and help us to develop a screen culture which is ordained and colored with local stories which have a deep sense of meaning and relevance to our local audiences.

we want to market the film product and sector, by showing beautiful stories and marketing them to the local people, others will come in after we show our local capacity


Script writing .

We are working on improving the training in how to do good scripts and tell great screen stories through a mentorship program, the projects that we carry involve the following.

For more information contact:


P.O Box 433-00900,


CELL: +254 720 322803

+254 722 641530