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Al Is On Production being an agent registered with the Ministry of Information and Communications may submit applications on behalf of foreign and local filmmakers to make feature films or documentaries.

There are no restrictions in Kenya on how many expatriate crew members or artists can arrive per production. Advance notice is more of a courtesy than a requirement. Crew members and artists may arrive in Kenya on a visitor's pass prior to the film work permit being processed.

Not only are we All Industrious, All Creative and All Sufficient, our country provides a stage for success because we are;

All Efficient

Kenya’s international approach to serve you will leave you feeling welcome to film more and more.

Filming Permits - The process of applying for permits has been streamlined to ensure that filmmakers obtain speedy authorisation for productions.

All Picturesque

Magical Kenya is perfect for any setting you desire. This is a filmmaker’s paradise. Locations - A world-in-one could quite easily describe the varied locations, which are offered throughout Kenya. (Describe locations like Beaches , deserts etc) In addition to the specific surroundings and scenery, these locations offer other varied services from accommodation to catering etc.

All Talented

The Kenyan cast is blessed with skills second to none in Africa voyaging the development of a production to success. Kenya is the hub of Africa and hosts various nationalities. We offer a selection of diverse models and actors and a substantial pool of first class talent. This ensures that this region is better able to facilitate catalogue and commercial work.

All Equipped

Our commitment to providing top notch equipment is geared by our desire to attain successful productions.

With the never-ending request for top of the range, up to date equipment that the service industry demands, Al Is On Production has ensured that it works with local and international rental houses that are equipped on an ongoing basis to meet and maintain high quality standards. The result is evident in the high level of production work we have engaged in.

All Experienced

We source for the best to create the best. Al Is On engages services of both local and international experienced film crew and rates are competitive for both daily and weekly productions.

All Professional

Our hands on and transparent approach ensures we leave nothing to chance ensuring every production process is a build up for success.

Al Is On Production engages many professional bodies that support Kenyan film, offering legal, financial, or insurance advice and solutions. Company Insurance and Producers Insurance are a few of the areas covered by specialists. In addition to these services, we have partnered with other companies that offer equally important information, stats, facts and figures that are invaluable to the planning and filming process.

Commonly known for the TV drama Siri


Physical Location
Parklands Road
Off Waiyaki Way,
C Block
Office # C5


+254 (020) 445 4056+254 (020) 445 4056
+254 (020) 445 4026+254 (020) 445 4026
+254 (020) 445 4074+254 (020) 445 4074


Executive Producer
Alison Ngibuini
Cell: +254 722 519 295+254 722 519 295


Creative Director
Rosario Alves
Cell: +254 733 605 447+254 733 605 447


Cell: +254 733 710101+254 733 710101