® | Philip Muchiri Mithamo
  • Nick Name: Mentor

  • Date of Birth: 5TH JUNE 1987

  • Email:

  • Height: 5feet.6inch

  • Weight: 65KG

  • Hometown: Kerugoya

  • Location: Nairobi

  • Telephone: 0720562479

  • Languages: English,Kiswahili,Kikuyu

  • Profession: Actor/Martial Artist ,Stunt man and Digital Editor.

  • Education:Diploma in Medical Eginerring and Certificate in Digital Editting

  • Featured Series: N/A

  • Featured Movies: Gicagi, Mtaani and Currently in Street game

  • Featured Theatres: N/A

  • Any Other Productions: Music videos

  • Favourite Actors: Scort Akins

  • Favourite Actress: The late Aaliyah

  • bestrolesA villan , Action hero and Stunts

  • Hobbies: Karate, Vdeo shooting,Motorbike Stunt man,Driving and Swimming

  • Awards: CBA live Nairobi

  • website:

  • Facebook: philip mentor

  • Twitter: mentor MVP

  • Last Updated: 2012-03-09

Philip Muchiri Mithamo

Am an ambitious,energetic and career minded actor who strives to excel in whatever role am given.Am flexible in terms of playing any role depending on the directors taste.Having studied digital editing,i have an experience in production and holds a brown belt in karate.Acting is my passion something that i derive satisfaction from.I was involved in script writing,directing,editing and played the lead role in GICAGI and MTAANI Film that had a theme about drug abuse.

Download CV: profiles/MENTORS_CURRCULUM_VITAE.docx