® | Samantha J Wamani
  • Nick Name: Sammy

  • Date of Birth: 4th Oct 1989

  • Email:

  • Height: 5.6

  • Weight: 70kg

  • Hometown: Nairobi

  • Location: Nairobi,Kenya

  • Languages: English, Kiswahili, French and Japanese

  • Profession: student

  • Education:University

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  • Featured Theatres: Heartstrings Production

  • Any Other Productions:

  • Favourite Actors: Tyler Perry and Denzel Washington

  • Favourite Actress: Loretta Devine, Elizabeth Taylor, Whoopi Goldberg

  • bestrolesVersatile

  • Hobbies: Listening to music, Watching plays, Acting.

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  • Facebook: Samantha Wamani

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  • Last Updated: 2011-10-13

Samantha J Wamani

About yourself (summary):
Hmmmm, the most difficult question. I am a jovial person, very energetic, love having fun with my friends, very social, I tend to think I am hilarious but I am not too sure about that, I have a deep passion for acting and I am hoping this profile right here gives me that opportunity because I really need to act, It is my dream. On the downside I am brutally honest, cant lie very well and I get bored easily on specific things. But the latter can be improved ;-)