® | Stella W. Nyawira
  • Nick Name: Stacy

  • Date of Birth: 4th July 1988

  • Email:

  • Height: 5.2ft

  • Weight: 55kg

  • Hometown: Kajiado

  • Location: Nairobi,Kenya

  • Languages: English,Swahili

  • Profession: Actress,Journalist

  • Education:Certificate in Journalism

  • Featured Series: Tahidi High,Tabasamu,Bonoko,Demigods and noose of Gold

  • Featured Movies: Nairobi half life, Pearls of Africa

  • Featured Theatres: Phoenix players

  • Any Other Productions:

  • Favourite Actors: William Levy

  • Favourite Actress: christine Hermosa

  • bestrolesNaive personality & Sarcastic character

  • Hobbies: Photography, Filming, Video Editing and swimming

  • Awards: N/A

  • website: N/A

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  • Twitter: @StarStellaSmily

  • Last Updated: 2012-02-10

Stella W. Nyawira


Am an actress and journalist was born a media guru.Am a happy person people call me smiley.I love simplicity and get my strength from God..Stella is ambitious and a go getter that is what defines me.Have come from far.