® | Sue Wanjiru
  • Nick Name: Just Sue

  • Date of Birth: 17th October 1981

  • Email:

  • Height: 5ft 7

  • Weight: 130 pounds

  • Hometown: Nairobi

  • Location: Nairobi

  • Languages: English, Swahili , Kikuyu.

  • Profession: Actress, Costume Designer, Part Time Accountant.

  • Education:Certified Public Accountant, KATC.

  • Featured Series:

  • Featured Movies: Something Necessary lead Actress by Ginger Ink Productions 2011.

  • Featured Theatres: Continental quilt, There Goes the Bride, Where is the Bride, Dont start without me by Friends Ensemble Productions. Fire by Ten 2010 by The Theatre Company.

  • Any Other Productions: Radio Road To Godo in 2011,Animation.

  • Favourite Actors: Johnny Depp, Will Smith.

  • Favourite Actress: Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba.

  • bestrolesExpressive eyed emotional mum, Adoring Mom, Upscale lawyer , Miss corporate independent, Psycho murderer , Spy.

  • Hobbies: Reading, dancing, Theatre and film, Traveling, Fashion designer, watching people Bungee Jump :-)

  • Awards: Watch This Space :-)

  • website:

  • Facebook: Sue Shiru

  • Twitter: Sue Shiru

  • Last Updated: 2012-04-19

Sue Wanjiru

Sweet Looking but dont be fooled,I can kick butt:-)

Thats what makes acting so attractive. You get to break all your own rules. Gerardine Clark

Sue Wanjiru