® | fidelis nyambura mukundi
  • Nick Name: mamou

  • Date of Birth: 1st february 1980

  • Email:

  • Height: 5/6

  • Weight: 84

  • Hometown: kiambu

  • Location: kiambu

  • Telephone: 0720813121

  • Languages: english kiswahili, kikuyu

  • Profession: actress

  • Education:college

  • Featured Series: siri,the tussle, mheshimiwa,

  • Featured Movies: the gee, mariana, kisu dawa ya kiu,pezi kichaa, uta do, etc

  • Featured Theatres: nil

  • Any Other Productions: riverwood films

  • Favourite Actors: denzel washington,tom hawks

  • Favourite Actress: jennifer jones, jessica tandy

  • bestrolesarrogant, cruel,bad woman

  • Hobbies: swimming,tae kwon doh, horse riding, biking

  • Awards:

  • website:

  • Facebook: fidelis nyambura mukundi

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  • Last Updated: 2012-07-06

fidelis nyambura mukundi

I have a passion in acting, an easy to work with,i follow directing as guided by the director, more for that i love dancing.i love to challenge my self,in any role giving i believe i can bring out what so ever is wanted.

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