® | Jacky Vike
  • Nick Name: vaik

  • Date of Birth: 8th september 1987

  • Email:

  • Height: 5-3

  • Weight: 50kg

  • Hometown: Nairobi

  • Location: nairobi

  • Languages: Swahili English Sheng

  • Profession: Performing artist - Actress, Dancer

  • Education:college

  • Featured Series: Papa shirandula Wash n set the team changes makutano

  • Featured Movies: Nairobi halflife Obohoz

  • Featured Theatres:

  • Any Other Productions: Radio plays at kass fm,African dance with the radii cultural troupe,contemporary dance with caroline nderitu of poetry kenya involved in production specialized i continuity

  • Favourite Actors:

  • Favourite Actress:

  • bestroles versatile

  • Hobbies: listening to music,travelling, making friends,reading

  • Awards:

  • website:

  • Facebook: jacky vike

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  • Last Updated: 2011-12-14

Jacky Vike

fun loving,adventurous and very passionate in what i do,also very willing to learn and wont stop till i achieve what i want to make a better me