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  • Nick Name: Ess.. Ezzo

  • Date of Birth: 29th March 1986

  • Email:

  • Height: 5"6

  • Weight: 66

  • Hometown: Nairobi

  • Location: Nairobi

  • Languages: English, Swahili

  • Profession: Acting, Production Managment. P.R

  • Education:Advance Diploma in Public Relation

  • Featured Series: Makutano Junction, Higher Learning, Tahidi High and Wingu La Moto

  • Featured Movies:

  • Featured Theatres: Phonix Players

  • Any Other Productions:

  • Favourite Actors: Dominic Cooper in the Devils Double waaahhh, Gerarld Butler, Denzel Washingtone Will Smith, Our very own Nick Ndenda. Tk

  • Favourite Actress: Taraji P. Henson, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendez

  • bestrolesFrom a Sexxy Tom boy, To a shaddy mama to an uptown chiq and a Girly girl i do it all!

  • Hobbies: I love watching movies, travelling, socialising and reading. Very detailed and Organised.

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  • Facebook: Wanja Mworia

  • Twitter: @Eswanja

  • Last Updated: 2011-12-05

Wanja Mworia

Have a very easy personality, very spiritual, passionate, Hard working and cheerful. I Love what i do and going on set makes me excited all the time. I love it, i was born for this!

Wanja Mworia

Wanja Mworia