® | Helena Waithera
  • Nick Name:

  • Date of Birth: 31-10-1988

  • Email:

  • Height: 5'5

  • Weight: 50kgs

  • Hometown: Nairobi

  • Location: Nairobi

  • Languages: English, Swahili, French

  • Profession: Actress.

  • Education:BSC in HR managements from UON

  • Featured Series: Tabasamu (Gabby), Maisha( Eve), Heartbeat Fm(Milka), Jane and Abel(Lucy)

  • Featured Movies: House of Lungula 2013(Zahara), Tomorrow 2014 (Lucy), Next filmmaker 2014(Lavender),Dinner will be late 2014(April), Garden of Eden 2014 (African Woman)

  • Featured Theatres: Dinner for Sinners 2012. Perfect wedding, Husband has gone mad again. All plays by Festival of Creative Arts.

  • Any Other Productions: PSI advert- fungua roho yako.

  • Favourite Actors:

  • Favourite Actress: Meryl Streep.

  • bestrolesEvil. Mean.Bitchy. roles

  • Hobbies: Traveling. Reading. Dancing.

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  • Twitter: @helenaWaithera

  • Last Updated: 2014-03-17

Helena Waithera

Helena made her debut in tv acting by featuring in heartbeat fm along side. She played the role of milka a girl orphaned by HIV. She also featured in the series Maisha on K24 that revolved around drugs and sex. She played the role of eve, an investigative journalist who was out to get to the bottom of the kidnapping of a gal. Helena is vividly remembered for role in the series Tabasamu. Gabby was potrayed as an attention seeking girl and the typical rich mans daughter. This young lady was given money instead of attention and was out to get the latter by any means necessary. She went on to feature in the series jane and Abel by Spielworks media. The series addresses issues associated with revenge and deceit. It will be aired on Africa magic. Waithera also Featured on House of Lungula. She plays Zahara, who opens up her friend to the reality of the possibility of her cheating husband. Helena has also featured in the Movie tomorrow, the next film maker and Dinner will be late which are not out yet.

Helena describes herself as a down to earth, easily adaptive, fun and outgoing, adventurous lady.

 Helena Waithera

 Helena Waithera

 Helena Waithera

 Helena Waithera