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  • Date of Birth: April 14

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  • Height: 5,4

  • Weight:

  • Hometown: NAIROBI


  • Languages: English,swahili,luo and spanish

  • Profession: writer,actres,director and producer

  • Education:BA in theatre and performing arts and Political Science

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  • bestrolesAnything challenging that is also interesting to research.

  • Hobbies: Traditional African dance, Afro drumming, Second Soprano, roller blading, licensed driver, swimming, soccer, roller skating, cycling, snow boarding, kayaking, scuba diving

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  • Facebook: Peres Owino

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  • Last Updated: 2011-09-16



Peres Owino is a Kenyan born Actress/Standup Comedian/Writer & Director. She has starred in over two-dozen plays, playing 3 of theater’s most coveted roles, *“Hamlet”*, “*Lysistrata” *and *“Lady MacBeth”*. She is a multiple award winner and an LA Ovation Award nominee. Her recent credits include a lead role in Simon Brand's feature film *“Default” *in theaters 2012, a co-starring role in the FX TV show “*Terriers*” and directing her original play CUT at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, an official selection of the REDCAT Fall Studio.

Peres is currently directing her new documentary “*African versus African Americans: Healing the silent sibling rivalry”* coming out Spring 2012. This fall she will appear in the play “*Red Noses*” directed by Dominique Serrand at the Actors Gang Theater, the film *Malaika* directed by German director Boris Schaarschmidt, and her non-fiction novel, “*On The Verge*” is now available on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles online. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter at "Peres Owino" or follow her blog: here

She also has her first book titled ON THE VERGE out and it can be found at

Click here to view the projects she had done.