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  • Posted On: 2011-10-25 00:00:00

Everyone is rushing to be an actor going for auditions for TV series, spending all day in queues and waiting for callbacks with numerous other hopefuls. Ever thought of walking into a theatre though? Not that many queues nor “contenders”, which makes me wonder, do we thirst to be actors or to be seen on TV?

First time I auditioned for a theatre play, my breath was taken away; it is like a ghostly feeling but a good one. It was like all the “gods” of theatre were watching, sounds crazy but I enjoyed the five minutes I was in there and I knew I wanted to be an actor. But the fun began when I got called back to be in a play!

Most people start with theatre and branch to TV, I have been on TV but I'm much more fortunate to be on theatre. Theatre brings something extra that non-thespians do not have. In theatre, there is no take Two, no CUT, nor Edit. What you see is what you get, and you have a live audience! An actor must be free and spontaneous and I think the feeling of knowing that it is live is what brings something extra and exposes or pushes an actor to greater heights and unlimited potential. An example of worst case scenario would be when I started laughing on stage (a deadly sin), or when you loose a line. . .you are the one who can turn it around not the director. You are your own director. You become what every actor aims to be. FREE! And I am free, free to say I love theatre! Free to say I am an actor (please pronounce actor like a proud thespian . . .actuuaaarr!!!!

Oh and another amazing thing, Theatre has magic . . .yes magic! Like a voodoo thing. Look at photos in theatre. People who have been in theatre have gone on to be huge in this industry, people like Lorna Irungu, Gathu, Kiarie, Andrew among many others. I cannot explain It but statistics show this to be true!

The fact remains, theatre does not pay as well as TV, but it gives something worth more than money can buy. Why dont we support our local plays? I challenge you to take time and go for one play this month. I believe theatre is best kept secret to those who just want to be on TV. Try it; phoenix, Kenya National theatre, Alliance. . .try and see what am talking about!

Written By Sabina Stadler
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