Gerald Langiri
July 31 / 2011

“The Kenyan landscape has graced the silver screen for over fifty years; from 1950’s King Solomon’s mines to the 2005 box-office hit The Constant Gardener. The lush Ngong Highlands, seen in Sydney Pollack’s Oscar winning out of Africa to the arid shaba reserves outwitted and outlasted in ’Survivor 3: Africa’ show case Kenya’s versatile landscapes that offer a great scope of filming locations. The producers of ’Survivor: Africa’ felt that Kenya offers a perfect combination of beautiful locale, natural light, an array of wildlife and a beautiful people all set in adventurous territory.

Kenya has breath taking and exquisite beauty with abundant wildlife and unmatched scenery and romantic views. From the savannah in the south, the deserts of the north, to Lake Victoria - the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world - in the west, the tropical beaches in the east, metropolitan cities, ancient Forts and the snow capped peaks of Mount Kenya, Kenya has a great variety to offer even the most demanding visitor

Kenya offers spectacular backdrops; Caroline Links’ Nirgendwo in Afrika (Nowhere in Africa) was the winner of ’Best Foreign Language Film’ in the 2003 Academy Awards similar beauty of the country can be seen in the "Librarian 2: Return to King Solomon’s Mines" directed by Jonathan Frakes. The stunning cinematography seen in movies shot in Kenya speaks volumes on the breath taking scenery that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. ” http://www.kenyafilmcommission.com/Home/Filming-Kenya

And how can I forget the Rugged Priest. If you have not watched this movie you are probably among the people who claim Kenya’s acting industry is not growing or our shows are boring. The movie was released in March 2011. The plot being about a “Priest who goes out his way to shelter and cater for the displaced knowing very well that the clashes are politically instigated. This puts him on a collision path with the powers that be and for being a thorn in the flesh he is transferred to a faraway diocese in Maasai Land.


But even in the remote new posting, the powerful are still riding roughshod over the poor, weak and defenceless. At great personal cost the fearless Rugged Priest, takes on the high and mighty in a fight for justice for his people. With only a rosary, an old rifle and an adopted son who is falling off his priestly calling. How far can the old white priest go? ” http://www.ruggedpriest.com/

With so much quality within our borders I can only wonder why we know much of the “Oga” stuff than our own locally produced movies and serieses that can compete with blockbusters movies from Hollywood. One thing for sure is, I am excited with the productions that are coming up and being put out for us to watch. So much time and money is put into these productions. The only thing left for you to do is go out and watch them. Is that so much to be asked of you?

Written by Gerald Langiri.

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