Gerald Langiri
October 17 / 2011

The Hollywood star sensation Edi Gathegi is of Kenyan descent and was born in Kenya. The star was raised in California and attended the prestigious graduate acting program at New York University. Edi’s career looks quite promising and is yet to reach greater heights and so far so good he has landed himself in Hollywood blockbuster movies and various serieses. He started off his career in the 2006 blockbuster “Crank” as a Haitian Cabbie alongside Jason Statham. The role was quite small but it was an eye opener for him as later on in 2007 he landed numerous roles on various T.V series such as Lincoln Heights (Boa), Veronica Mars (Zeke Molinda) and the hit medical drama series House as Dr. Jeffrey “Big Love” Cole.

2007 was a good year for Edi as he also got roles in movies such as Gone Baby Gone (Cheese) alongside Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman and also the movie The Fifth Patient (Darudi). That was just the beginning as of 2008-2009, his breakthrough came when he landed his biggest role in the movie Twilight: New Moon as Laurent who was the main villain. Yes we all loved the vampires and as much as we were all Team Edward, lets not forget that Team Laurent was also in the building as Laurent gave Edward one hell of a butt kicking in the movie. That was a plus one for both Edi and Kenya as a country because as you look at the movie keenly The Kenyan flag appeared several times. The same period Edi was also casted in movies such as My Bloody Valentine (Deputy Martin), Operating Instructions (Charlie Cole), and Page 36 (Mr. Black). Series that he featured in include, Life On Mars (Fletcher Bellow) and C.S.I Miami (Freddie Mayes).

Edi Gathegi2


As years progress, so is Edi’s acting career and I must say, I have made an effort of watching 80% of all movies and series he has featured and he is quite the actor and he is one of my favorite actors by the way. The reason why Edi stands out is because of his uniqueness, physique and ability in terms of playing different characters. He is quite the actor and this year he was also among the cast of the block buster movie X-Men: First Class as Armando Muñoz / Darwin. A role well executed and for all those who thought that was the end of Darwin due to his death in the movie, guess again as rumor has it that he will have a come back in the next X-Men movie. Edi’s latest movie that he will also put down in his resume is Atlas Shrugged Part 1 which is a master piece and he is among the main characters as he plays Eddie Willers.

Edi Gathegi made a special appearance in the hit series Nikita as he played Kalume Ungara </>and this is one of his roles well played and I loved every bit of it as he played the son of the Liberia’s president who was spoiled, rich and evil. Edi is currently working on the series Wild Card which is currently in production where he plays a pilot by the name Tres.

I certainly foresee both Academy Award and Emmy Award nominations for Edi in a few years to come as he is yet to take over Hollywood with a storm. I do pray this to happen and we will just have to watch out for him.


Written by: Mark Kaiyare
Pic Source: Edi Gathegi IMDB

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