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I’ve come across many auditions in my acting career. Some that paid off and got me the role, while others I am still waiting for the call back many years later. After all, they said “we’ll call you”. Don’t you just hate that “We’ll call you” rhetoric they give you after an audition and subconsciously you want to respond with “yeah right”. That is however the actors life. Attending auditions and getting rejected more than you will ever land the role. I however feel like there is a way for the actor to minimize their disappointment and rejection percentage greatly by answering this one question; is this audition meant for me?

I see many would be actors flock auditions halls in the hope to land a role while half the time 70% of them do not fit the characters being auditioned for which leads to anger, resentment and ranting…a lot.  Simply because the actor hasn’t taken time to fully understand the audition call or taken time to find out what characters they are looking for.

See here is the thing, one of the very few things one is taught as an actor is to know their type and what roles fit them. This is important because it saves you a lot of time not going for the wrong audition which you clearly know you do not fit and therefore not wasting your time and that of the casting director.  Type casting, especially for the screen, is real and while many actors feel is versatile to take up any role thrown at them because they are actors and should morph in character presented to them, we should not forget that human beings judge other people from their appearance and from the experience of the person judging. So if you are an actor and have seen an audition requiring a lawyer and yet do not fit the profile of how many lawyers “look like” i.e clean shaven, smartly dressed, speak fluently, a bit heavy  etc why would you want to take yourself to that audition in your t-shirt and jeans, dreadlocks/Mohawk and broken English? Not get the role and later complain!

Of course there is always an exception to many rules and the type casting rule is usually broken later on in your acting career when you have established yourself and have the choice to pick roles you want. Initially though, better find out which roles you fit in and go for audition that you know your chances of getting selected are high. So this habit of going to every audition simply because it’s an audition should stop.

However, for the rebellious who do not heed to any advice given to them, all hope is not lost. Here is why attending almost all the auditions you come across is a good thing…YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!! Stories have been told of casting directors and director meeting an actor who dint fit a role in the script they were casting for but the actor was so good and talented they just had to write a part of them. Stories have also been told of actors who attended an audition they dint fit any character being auditioned for but later ended up being called for a different series or show because, again, they were that good to let that talent just pass.  So when given an opportunity, grab it because you just never know where that opportunity will lead you.  This however is an exception to the rule and it is a consensus by many casting directors that they hate seeing people who do not fit any role in the characters put out attending an audition without the requirements being asked for. Some will chase you away before you even get into the room while some might give you the chance to audition. When presented with that opportunity, grab it and use it well because, you never know.

By Gerald Langiri

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