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  • Posted On: 2015-09-26 00:00:00

This October, the Kenya film industry will be a buzz with several movie premiers set to happen. The usual Kenyan movie night that takes place , very last Thursday of the month, saw September miss out on this exclusive night which we had become accustomed to but only to prepare for the red carpet premier of Bitter Sweet on 1st of October (Thursday) at Planet Media Cinemas at Prestige Plaza at 6pm. Tickets for the premier will be going for ksh 1,000 and will thereafter be ksh 500 for the screening that will take place on the 3rd of October (Saturday).

Bitter Sweet Cast

What is the movie about? Well, Bitter Sweet tells the story of Liz; a village girl with an untapped talent in music. It wasn’t until moving to the big city when her mother in law, notices the talent in her and puts her in touch with a prominent music producer who is immediately blown away and thus begins the journey in the life of Liz to stardom. Liz goes on to work with the producer Jeff on her album and her career later blossoms and she tours the world. The movie takes us through the life of Liz, (a widow and mother) as she later on goes to the UK where her singing talent jets her to stardom amidst challenges.

(Trailer Below)

The movie stars Elizabeth Gathoni, who serenades us with her sweet voice. Lawyer Nick Mudany takes time off his busy schedule to be the lead actor in this film that showcases family values/morals and talent appreciation.

Renowned gospel artists Holy Dave, Mercy Masika and Mbuvi are also featured in the movie each playing a role in Liz’s rise to the top.

Bitter Sweet is a musical written by Apelles Ellah of London UK working together with joyful noise productions and London art council.

Tickets are available at Planet Media Cinemas Prestige plaza or call +254 703 772162 to book one.

Bitter Sweet Movie

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