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“Youth is life in its most molten state, one that can take the shape as wishes the molder” this is the opening line to the synopsis of  SKY HIGH - THE INFERNO, a brand new movie set to be released by Winpath productions, as its flagship project and already tipped to be the biggest movie in Kenya in 2015.

Remember the times in your teenage love story, when the world would disappear in your lover’s eyes?  Well then, prepare for a journey back in time as sky high will give you the nostalgic feel of your high school days. From beat boxing to bullying and the teenage dances, this movie will take you back into that place and time when you ran short of things to spend your energy on. It is also this same energy that the movie banks on to showcase the difference in the handling process that either makes or breaks a young person.

Sky High

 School strikes forms yet another aspect in the plot that is worth noting. Some of the questions asked when students go on rampage, sometimes to the extent of burning down their own schools, are also answered. See, it’s a tale which we have all experienced in our lives or know someone who has.

The creative team aims at highlighting the two sides of a young person, through a well written plot, it shows how a person can have different qualities with different impacts depending on the management style and how they can be exploited to either succeed  or a fail. The story contrasts the styles employed by two school managers with completely different management styles. One who believes in the philosophy of independence and the other who micromanages everything and believes in absolute control…reminds me of a school principal I once had.

The production team, led by Patrick Kariuki, popularly known as Tony for his role at the popular TV drama Tahidi high, made sure that quality in terms of sound, picture and lighting was done in the best possible way as he wore the directors hat.

Sky High

 The movie was centrally filmed at Gituru secondary school and its environs. The picture friendly climate coupled with the peaceful nature of the school and its neighborhood compounded the efforts of the production team in making sky high a reality. 

The movie gave the budding talent a chance to star alongside great actors who’ve been in the industry for some time.  The cast includes: Bilal Wanjau (playing Mr Mugo), Omari Kito (playing Mr Ndeto), Linda Rono (Masha), Farouk Maina (Zuma), Kelvin Thagana (Tosh), Bernice Nthenya( Miriam).

Written and Produced by Waweru Stephen the movie is set to premier in October/November 2015.

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Sky High

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