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The Unprotected (the movie) will finally open its doors to the public on the 26th of September 2015 at Fox theatres, Sarit Centre, Westlands Nairobi and will run for a week thereafter at the same cinema. The film which is partly inspired by true events, tells the story of a journalist on a mission to rescue a street girl from the dangers of child prostitution. Everday in the streets of Nairobi, we pass by street kids, street families ignoring what is perhaps one of human being’s saddest happening. The most vulnerable in society are openly taken advantage of while most do nothing. Under the cover of darkness, many street children are kidnapped, trafficked, forcefully or by coercion led into prostitution, begging, child labor and drug trafficking. Some of the city’s hardest gangsters have been bred in the street and now they are all grown up.

As a privileged Kenyan Asian, Arya (played by Nameeta Jamal) has had whatever she has wanted since childhood. She never lacked for anything including a job at the country’s leading newspaper. But despite all this, she is unfulfilled. Nairobi’s underground has grown. Trafficking cartels have taken a stronghold in the city’s unseen. Everyone from the local government, street gangs, clubs and pubs, the police and the county officials is involved. An elaborate network from Nairobi city to the coastal towns of Mombasa and beyond has been established to traffic drugs, wild animal parts and children.

An incidental meeting with a young 13 year old girl Muthoni (played by Ashley Kareez) running from would be kidnappers, gets Arya the story she has always yearned for. She takes it upon herself to find out and expose those involved in this most vile of trades…But the cartels are vicious.

The Unprotected

The movie has been directed by Albert Nyakundi, an upcoming Kenyan filmmaker with 7 years’ experience in the Kenyan Film and Television industry. He is a multi-talented film maker specializing in Scripting, Directing and Camerawork. This is his second film directing after ‘Mos Kode’ a film in Tholuo.

Actress Nameeta Jamal who is also one of the producers of the film,first seen on screen in the popular television series “Better Days”. A graduate of Vancouver Film School in performing arts, she has settled in Kenya after a seven year stint in Dubai UAE, to make films. She has appeared in several plays both locally and internationally to also include Dubai’s version of the 48 hour film festival where she won Runner up best actress.

Ashley makes her 1st appearance in a film in this movie but she describes hersel as a talented Actor, Television Presenter and an aspiring journalist who refers to herself as ''Super woman''.

The movie also stars some well known established actors like Chris Kamau, Florence Nduta, Mainda Ndungu with a special appearance by NTV Journalist Larry Madowo.

See the trailer of the film below:

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