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Curse  is a private peep hole into the life of a little girl who lives with Autism. It cries out for those who are misunderstood and labeled, giving us some sort of understanding to what it really means to be Autistic. It is a truly  touching story that has a vulnerable brutality that  has been captured poetically, by Artskills Films talented and award winning film director Mwendwa Mutua, and  the exceptionally gifted script writer and co-producer Ann Gathoni.Also not forgetting Uzi's Video who added professional expertise as the consultant production house, giving an all rounded  spark of genius.

Curse is not  just your average authentic African story .It revolves around the life of a misunderstood but special girl with Autism. Njeri is an  introvert, a  non verbal shy girl who lives a sad lonely life that is devoid of love and human kindness that is not given to her, even by her own parents. Her parents believe that she is the result of some form of witchcraft used against them. They are reluctant to understand what Autism is and the special needs of  an Autistic child. They are hell bent on having her fit into societies mold. Although her parents do not care for her greatly, she has a twin brother who is an independent  young boy, who has taken on the responsibilities of their absentee parents .


Despite Njeri's short comings it is clear to see that she is gifted in other artistic areas, which is sometimes the case with Autistic children. Did you know? that some  Autistic children are very gifted and have above average IQ's. Her father , a superstitious yet  educated man blames his daughter's existence on witchcraft. In a twisting powerful scene that defines Curse, Njeri's father does the unthinkable in a disturbing quest for her to experience womanhood and be normal. It touches to the very base of human savagery.

Curse in itself cannot change the discrimination or taboos that are associated with Autism, but it will raise awareness promoting understanding for these special children. This film changes you and  leaves something of itself in your heart and in your thoughts.


It is pleasing to see this film does not only challenge the creation of real African story  that is not about poverty and superstitious beliefs , Curse has a real agenda. The technological constrains of the Kenyan Film industry have been addressed boldly  by the film being shot on 4k using Sony XD Cam. For those of us who are not camera savvy,  In lay man terms , I am proud to say that the quality will be second to none.

Part and parcel of this cinematic brilliance are well seasoned  talented actors who pump life into the heart of this film. Curse is graced by the likes of Gerald Langiri , Mwanki Mageria and Emily Achieng, who have all helped to shape the Kenyan film industry in their own right. Other actors who  featured in the film are Norah Ndonye,Susan Naipanoi , and Donatus Njoroge .With the breath taking scenes by Sharleen Atieno who acted as Njeri .While Young Wayne Owour acted as Kibe.


So what to expect with Curse is the  feeling of helplessness and urgency to tell someone to make a difference, to be that change for a special child like Njeri. For a film to evoke such emotion,  it has truly delivered you to the world where possibilities are endless. Your definition of "normal" will never be the same again.


The End